A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

This week has been exciting
Maxwell has developed lots and we have many new things in our life!

  1. Maxwell managed to walk half the room with out falling over (20 steps).
  2. He has gone up a clothes size. He is now wearing 18-24 month clothing.
  3. He understands the word NO but he still likes to test boundaries.
  4. He has developed a new love for raisins.
  5. We went to the park for the 1st time and he loved swinging on the swings.
  6. He has a new highchair.
  7. He has tried many new foods this week and has liked them.
My little boy is growing up so fast. Every day I see Maxwell develop and I could not be prouder. I love the fact he has his own personality now and he is learning key things which he will need to take him through life.

His walking is fantastic and this week we are actually thinking about purchasing his first pair of proper shoes. He can walk around the lounge, falls over and pulls himself back up, its great to see him get better every day and it wont be long before he is running around! I will post a video soon!

The word NO has played a big part in our life recently. I want Maxwell to understand from a young age what is right and what is wrong and the key word I feel Maxwell needs to learn is the word no. He will get praise when he is good and understands this well but recently he has been testing us, testing us with how far her can push us. He does silly things for attention and knows its wrong but he thinks its funny to do it. Finally though over the last few days he has been good as gold and only twice has he not reacted to the word no.

Auntie Rachel took us to the park! My sister is a school teacher - a fantastic one and works long hours but this week was half term so she ended up spending some time with us. 
We went to the park and Maxwell loved it, I always felt he was a little to small to go before as all he can do is swing on the swing but the park was a success! He loved swinging on the swings and sliding down the slide!

I have loved every moment of this week!

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