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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Max Rates..... June 2014

Max adores Peppa Pig and would enjoy listening to her fun phrases, he already says some of her phrases so perhaps she could even teach him some more. He loves wearing welly boots and loves to jump in the mud and would love to jump along with Peppa. This would be the perfect toy for him to play with. 

For a while now I have been contemplating whether to buy Maxwell a water table, Max adores playing with water so I figured this would be perfect for him to enjoy in the summer. Maxwell also loves pirates, I think this would be the perfect garden toy for Maxwell to have fun with.

Max really enjoys building things and has a huge love for pirates, so I thought this would be perfect for Maxwell to enjoy. The bigger bits of lego will hopefully help Maxwell be a professional Lego builder when he is a little older.

Maxwell adores watching Peppa so I thought it would be lovely for him to get him the Peppa Pig box set. This would allow Maxwell to watch Peppa in the lounge at home instead of having to use my phone and running the battery down on it.

Maxwell has started to really love monsters so this would be perfect for him to use. I love the idea of the divided plate and I am curious to see if the plate would encourage Maxwell to eat more food.

Maxwell loves colouring and Disney Cars so I thought this would be a nice touch for his room. It will allow Maxwell to get creative and at the same time it will match his  Disney Car themed room.

Max recently played with some skittles round his Great Grandads house and he loved them so I thought it would be a brilliant idea to get some for our house. I found these Bigjigs Pirate skittles and thought they would be a lovely addition to Maxwells toy collection.

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  1. My niece had a pirates away ship and loved it. We love duplo in this house

  2. Love the pirate skittles, so cute! x

  3. All the suggestions are cute. Disney cars 2 colouring table would be my choice

  4. Ohhh go Max some fantastic June picks the Peppa Pig looks a bit like they have been naughty though! Jumping in puddles. x

  5. Love the monsters dining set - Isaac would adore it

  6. Haha love the muddy Peppa Pig :)

  7. i loved duplo when i was little! along with a little farm and some trains ..not all together :D

  8. The twins love Peppa Pig, fab list :-) x

  9. I love that pirate ship - my little one loves playing with water and would adore this!

  10. My niece adores Peppa Pig! I bought her a load of plushies at the boot sale - saved a packet!!!


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