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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has learnt to "Hi5".
  2. Maxwell enjoys watching Peppa Pig on Youtube but in French.
  3. Maxwell is extremely helpful in the new house.
  4. Maxwell has "deep" feet.
  5. Maxwell has enjoyed doing crafts this week.
This week has seen Maxwell learn to Hi5. I am not sure where he really learnt it from however every single time I say Hi5 Maxwell puts his hand out to Hi5 and screams with excitement. Maxwell has now started to put his hand out to people when we are out and about so they can Hi5 him and he loves to do it to his Daddy in the evening when he gets out of bed.

I have always let Maxwell watch Youtube on my phone from a young age. Maxwell has enjoyed many nursery rhymes, childrens programmes and even educational games however this week Maxwell has enjoyed watching Peppa Pig in French. Every afternoon I let Maxwell use my phone for a hour and all this week he has put Peppa on in French. I am pretty sure he is unable to understand her at all and I have told him numerous amounts of times that he needs the English version on however if anyone dares changes it Maxwell gets incredibly stropy. Hopefully he will grow out of watching it soon. 

Since Maxwell was young, he has always been helpful around the house however since we have been in our new house Maxwell has started to help a little more. Maxwell now enjoys helping to sweep the lounge as well as mopping, putting his toys away in the conservatory and helping me peg all the washing out on the washing line. I hope Maxwell continues to be clean and helpful as he grows older.

This week saw us visit our local shoe shop to get Maxwell's feet measured as it seems he has been in his latest pair of shoes for months. Whilst there we were told although Maxwell had not gone up any shoe sizes, he had deep feet. I was unaware of children getting deep feet however all it means for Maxwell is that he has arched tops on his feet and they are more cushioned than some childrens feet. We were advised to keep a eye on his feet and always be aware of the styles of shoes we are buying him as some may not be suitable for him and may lead him to discomfort as the top of his feet may feel squashed.  

Since moving into our new house, we have had a lot more room to do activities. This week has seen us make lots of models out of playdough and has seen us do lots of colouring and drawing. Maxwell loves to get creative and I like Maxwell to get creative, as long as there is not to much mess. I have now bought a plastic play mat to put down so whatever activity Maxwell is doing the floor will stay clean. 



  1. It's amazing how quick they learn isn't it?! x

  2. I think it's pretty cool that he likes watching it in French - it's a beautiful language and he probably just enjoys the way it sounds. Little people have an incredible skill for learning new languages so you never know he might pick up a bit of French :) x

  3. Such a lovely idea charting his progress so you can look back on it later!

  4. A busy week all round, I hope the new house works out well, I bet it will with such a great little helper!

  5. Archie has just learnt to hi5 and I love it! He will only do it in the right mood though. I love the Maxwell only watches Peppa in French hehe

  6. It sounds like he is doing really well. Baby loves Hi5'ing x

  7. Wow learning French at such a young age!

  8. that is so cute......we are having a similar problem with Eliza and watching My Little Pony in Chinese

  9. Such a busy week but I love that he wants to watch in French rather than English. Fantastic!

  10. Aw bless him - busy week there by the sounds of it x

  11. Lol at watching it in french than english ahhaha! x

  12. It might be time to start looking for a French tutor ;-)


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