Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box Review

Maxwell has always been a fan of Disney. Maxwell has 2 great loves that originate from Disney - Disney Cars and Mickey Mouse. Maxwell can often be found playing with Mickey Mouse toys and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Recently Maxwell was thrilled to receive a Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box to review.

When Maxwell received the Pit Crew Tool Box he commented on how much it looked like the one Mickey uses in Disney Junior’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers show. The set comes with 23 tools including a mallet, flat head screwdriver, two wrenches, nuts, and nails. Maxwell was thrilled to find that the set also came with a working peg board.

Maxwell loves to fix things and immediately set about trying to unscrew a bolts with a wrench. Maxwell was able to tighten the bolt with ease using the wrench provided. I was unsure if the plastic would be flimsy and I was worried that the plastic would need a lot of pressure added to it to undo things such as the bolt however this was not a issue. The plastic was strong and took Maxwell's strength. The set allows Maxwell to improve his hand and eye coordination.

Maxwell was kept entertained by the Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box for around a hour. By the end of his play session, he was able to identify all the parts that were included in the set and tell me which each part did and where it went. It was lovely to see Maxwell use his imagination and at times, pretend to be Mickey.

It was nice to see a toy which did not include batteries and was not a toy which was interactive. I feel that the Roadster Racers Set allowed Maxwell's imagination to run wild and he was able to make his own stories up with the set. It is a toy that Maxwell will use again and again and will never get bored of.

I like the fact that their is space left in the Roadster Racers Set. The set is not filled to the brim. Due to the space left in the set, Maxwell is able to identify all the parts inside the box without having to dig deep. Having space left in the box also allows Maxwell to add other toys to the set or add little extra parts that he may find round the house to the box.

The Roadster Racers set is light and is easy to transport around. This means that Maxwell is able to take it to other people's houses if he wishes to and even pack it for holiday. The set is small enough to store with ease.

The Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box is a simple toy which is great to keep the children entertained. It is bright, fun and is perfect for any Mickey Mouse lovers as well as Disney lovers. The tool box set is perfect for children aged from 3 - 6 years old. The set has a RRP of £14.99 and can be found on Amazon. 

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own

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