PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Review

PJ Masks is a TV show on Disney Junior. Over the summer, Maxwell fell in love with the show. PJ Masks follows the fun tales of friends, Connor, Amaya and Greg who change into their alter-egos Catboy, Owlette and Gekko at night and become PJ Masks. They use their special powers to defend their town.

Maxwell was recently sent the PJ Masks Headquarters set. The play-set from Just Play is brand new for Autumn 2017. Having seen it recently seen it in our local supermarket I knew as soon as Maxwell laid eyes on it, he would be excited.


As soon as the PJ Masks Headquarters set arrived, Maxwell jumped straight into play. The PJ Masks Headquarters comes in a large box and at the beginning I was worried about how long it would take me to set up. However the set up of the toy was easy and quick and I was surprised at how easy the instructions were to follow. I was also happy to see that the PJ Masks Headquarters set did not require me to add any batteries to it as it came with batteries already fitted.

The PJ Masks Headquarters is set out over three levels. It features lights, sounds and comes with Cat Boy and Cat Boy’s car. Maxwell was a little disappointed to see that only 1 car and 1 figure were provided however you are able to buy figures separately if you are looking for other figures to play with.


Through play Maxwell was excited to find a shooting fur ball, training rings for Cat Boy to perform on, a lift to move from level to level on, moveable trees to catch any villains, googles for owl vision, a slide for Cat Boy to slide on and music and lights for Cat Boy and Maxwell to enjoy.

The PJ Masks Headquarters is built well and I feel it is built to last. In the past, we have been sent plastic toys which often break as the plastic is quite flimsy however this is not the case with this toy. The plastic is solid. As a parent I also love the fact that the Pj Mask Headquarters is brightly coloured.


Maxwell loves the PJ Masks Headquarters set. He has spent hours playing with it. Maxwell has been able to use his imagination with the set and create situations that are inspired by his favourite TV show. He has hummed away to the theme tune of PJ Masks more times than I care to remember and he has managed to destroy lots of baddies which he has found around the home to join his PJ Mask crew.

This set is priced at £49.99 which I do think is quite pricey for a set of its kind however if your child is a huge PJ Mask fan, I feel the cost becomes a little irrelevant when you are asked to buy the set for a Christmas or Birthday present.


Overall Maxwell and I love this set. We feel it is a great contender for the top spot on the Toy Christmas Wishlist 2017!

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own

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