Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket Review

Living in the New Forest, we often love to get out and about. With the hot weekends allowing us to get outside more often and the summer holidays just around the corner, Maxwell and I love playing with toys that we can use outside. Recently Maxwell was sent the Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket to review.

Maxwell and I headed to the New Forest with our Air Hogs Jet Rocket, boxed in the car. When we arrived at our destination, I took the toy out of the box and put it together. The toy was extremely easy to put together and I felt I did not need to check the instructions often to assemble to toy. In total the toy took less than 5 minutes to assemble. Once the toy was assembled, Maxwell and I found a clear area of grass to play with the jet rocket.

Maxwell ended up trying to blast the rocket into the sky and asked me to catch the rocket, after a while Maxwell and I took it in turns to blast and then catch, we had a shed load of fun and I found that the Air Hog Jet Rocket was a fantastic way to exercise due to the amount of running I had to do.

I was really surprised at how high the jet rocket went once launched. Quite often when I pumped the pump hard, the rocket would go as high as the large, tall trees which were standing in the New Forest. The higher the rocket went, the funner and further we had to go to catch the rocket.

As a parent, I love that this toy can be packed with ease in the boot of the car and taken to an outdoor space and used to have a lot of fun with. It is a toy which is fun for all ages and something which I love about this toy is that it is not operated by batteries, it is operated by you, the user of the toy.

On a windy day, I feel that the rocket would be light enough to be carried by the wind and could end up in a tree or on a roof however I feel this is not a huge issue as there are plenty of large empty spaces around the area we live in.

I feel that this toy is built to last. After using the toy several times, the toy still works and the foam material which the rocket is made from is still in perfect condition.

This toy is a fun toy and is ideal for any outdoor lover this summer holiday. You are able to buy the Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket for just £9.99 which I think is a steal. The Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket would make the perfect present or the perfect treat for your child.

*We received the Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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