I Have A New Outlook On Life...

"2017 was going to be my year. It was going to be a year of firsts, a year of happiness and a year of fun. The start of 2017 was the year which broke me however it made me."

Over the past few months I have been a little radio silent. Everytime I felt it was "time" to come back to this blog, something else happened in life and it pushed me further from this little hobby on the internet. Finally after a long few months, I feel it is time to put my energy back into something I once loved and enjoyed, something I still love and enjoy.

Life got in the way of my blog. Maybe I stopped for selfish reasons, maybe I stopped due to lack of time, however there was one main reason for me to pull away from this little piece on the internet and that was due to a false happy person that I could not manage to put on this blog. How could I write happy blog posts when I felt like I was about to crumble at any time?

Having a parent who is ill is hard. You are pulled from pillar to post and you are left in limbo. This year my Dad was rushed to hospital. He was placed in intensive care and had he refused his stay at hospital, he was given just 3 weeks to live. His stay in hospital and the amazing care he received from his neuro team, put my life in perspective.  Since his stay, I have looked at life so differently.

Yesterday, I passed my driving test. For 7 long years I put off driving, making excuses how I did not need to drive, how I could not afford to drive, however in September I took the plunge and learnt to drive. I was simply sick of being stuck at home, relying on public transport and lifts off others to have a social life outside the four walls that I lived in. Another turning point was the helpless feeling I had when my Dad was in and out of hospital and I had no way of getting to him other than asking for lifts.

Through all this Maxwell has continued to blossom into the most amazing child I could wish for. He continues to teach me new things about myself daily and has made me into the mother I am today. He has shaped me and made me stay strong through the toughest times.

He excels at school often, keen to please. Last term he earned numerous awards and was even named in the school newsletter for being such a good boy. He also managed to get the Star Player award at Football last term which was a huge highlight for him. He can be a little chatty at home and can sometimes test my limits however overall he is a kind, caring, polite child. He loves to explore, he loves to have fun and most of all he loves his family and friends. He likes to share, he loves to interact and he loves to explore.

Through all the down times, I am lucky. I am lucky that I have my health, my family and most of all I am lucky that I can create a future full of positive energy. I am excited to see what June has in store for me and my family!

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