Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower Game Review

Maxwell is a child who adores playing games. He loves playing games whatever the occasion. Maxwell loves games which require him to use his brain, his memory and he also loves games that challenge his fine motor skills. Recently Maxwell was excited to receive Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower. As a huge lover of Paw Patrol and games, this was the perfect choice of game for Maxwell to receive.

As soon as we opened the game, Maxwell jumped straight into game play. Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower Game is essentially the old classic of Jenga however there are a few twists to the game which make it even more fun for Maxwell's age group. Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower has bright coloured bricks and also includes a dice that has 3 different colours on. The dice changes game play a little as you need to roll the dice and once the dice lands on a colour, you need to pick that colour of brick from the huge towering jumbling tower. The rolling of the dice and landing on a specific colour can make game play a little tricky, especially if the last red block is right at the bottom of the pile and you have to pull it. If the tower tumbles, you need to rebuild the tower and game play starts again!

The decoration of the Paw Patrol Jumbling tower game is simple but effective. The bricks are in 3 different bright colours which are appealing to Maxwell and each block has a paw picture on it. Although the Jenga is Paw Patrol themed, I feel this is a game which will go on to last Maxwell a few more years.

Although Maxwell loves the game, he also loves the bricks and has spent a good few hours having fun building different things. From bridges to ships, there are plenty of hours to be had having fun with this game as it has a multi use. 

I feel this is a perfect Birthday present idea. It is the perfect game to put away in the Birthday cupboard and priced at under £10 it is the perfect budget present. It is also a great present idea to give to your child as a reward present and with so many uses, it is a toy which will be used over and over again. 

*We received the Paw Patrol Game for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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