A fantastic review of the Super Geek Heroes Series and competition

Maxwell is in his first year of school. He loves learning and he loves every aspect of school. At home Maxwell also loves learning - especially at the weekends when he is not at school. At home Maxwell loves to complete tasks set by us and enjoys filling in the educational books which we pick up regularly to help with his learning. Recently we were excited to be told that about a new science and learning based TV show called Super Geek Heroes.

The Super Geek Heroes are a unique group of super-kids who have the tagline - having fun in turn with a mission to learn! There are seven children in the Super Geek Hero crew. All seven children have friendly ‘super-powers’ and these are made up from specific development areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’.
The development areas and resulting characters are:
· Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Suzi Smiles
· Understanding the World - Peter Planet
· Communication & Language - Vicky Voice
· Literacy - Jake Jotter
· Numeracy - Mille Maths
· Physical Development - Ant Active
· Creative Arts & Design - Ronnie Rock

Maxwell loved watching the Super Geek Heroes. He loved the characters and loved learning their names and what the characters represented. Maxwell's favourite character was Millie Maths and we feel he relates to this character because he loves maths. Maxwell can count with ease into the hundreds and can subtract and add with ease. I love the fact he now has a show that he can relate to.

When asked about what Maxwell loved about the show he explained that he loved the bright colours, learning about numbers and loved learning about telling the time. As a parent I loved that the show was very engaging with the viewer as it asked questions about what they were watching and I loved the fact that each character represented something to do with learning. I felt the show made learning fun!

I love the fact that the show is on Youtube. I think this is a fantastic idea as it means that we will not only watch the show at home on the Smart TV but we will also be able to watch the show whilst out and about on the tablet and on our mobile phones.

Super Geek Heroes is a show with a difference! If you are interested in watching the Super Geek Heroes with your child you are able to view it here.

Mummy To The Max is super excited about the launch of the new show! Today we have a fantastic prize for our readers. We have a 6 month subscription to KidsCast APP where you can download and view Super Geek Heroes! To enter all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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