Showcase Cinema Southampton - WestQuay Watermark

Showcase Cinema Southampton - WestQuay Watermark

Last year, WestQuay Watermark was opened in Southampton. It was a place that I was looking forward to visiting. Having researched, there were plenty of wonderful places to visit from eateries, to a bowling alley, to a cinema. Having heard a lot of wonderful things about WestQuay Watermark, I was keen to visit. This weekend Maxwell and I were invited to Showcase Cinema Southampton to have a look around and to watch the new Lego Batman movie.

WestQuay Watermark is next to West Quay in Southampton. There are plenty of carparks near by and there are also many public transport routes to get to the two venues. We found WestQuay Watermark easy to get to and we found that the cinema was actually signposted once we got in front of WestQuay Watermark.

Showcase Cinema Southampton - WestQuay Watermark

Once we arrived inside Westquay Watermark we went past an arrange of eateries and proceeded to go to the 3rd floor of the building where Showcase Cinema is situated. There was a lift, stairs and escalator to get to the 3rd floor which I found fantastic. Once we had arrived on the 3rd floor, we found the box office and waited to get our tickets.

We found that the staff very pleasant to speak to and we found that they were interested in asking how our day was going. Once we got our tickets we were directed to the screen showing Lego Movie. Due to us arriving early, we decided to get some snacks and decided to have a little walk around the upstairs. It is here where Maxwell found some tub type chairs to spin around in. From the tub chairs Maxwell and I were able to look across Southampton.

Showcase Cinema Southampton - WestQuay Watermark

Maxwell decided on getting a children's box of snacks which included a chocolate bar, drink and some popcorn. I felt this was reasonably priced at just £3.99. There was plenty to choose from to eat and there were many deals to buy for all the family.

After a short wait, we headed to the screen and went to find our seats, we were in for a surprise when we sat in our seats as they were the most comfortable seats we have ever sat in at the cinema. Not only were the seats comfortable but they reclined which was a lovely extra to have when relaxing at the cinema. Each seat had a cup holder and plenty of room for people to pass you or for you to add your possessions in front of you.

Showcase Cinema Southampton - WestQuay Watermark

The movie was fantastic and the picture of the movie was amazing. The cinema is built so no one obstructs your view in front of you, even if they are stood up. This meant there was very little distraction when we watched the movie and the comfort of the movie was fantastic.

Showcase Cinema at Westquay Watermark did not disappoint and it is a cinema which we will be using over and over again. The prices at Showcase Cinema are a little more than other local cinemas but I think the location, the comfort and the picture quality are worth this little extra.

Overall we had a fantastic day. We can not wait to return!

*We received 2 free tickets to watch Lego Batman for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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