A few weeks ago, I shared a post about Turtle Tots Southampton written by Maxwell's Aunty and my sister here on my blog.  Over the past few weeks Rachel and my nephew Theo have been having wonderful lessons with Turtle Tots Southampton. Today I am sharing another guest post about their lessons and how Theo is progressing in his classes. 

Our swimming journey continues and what an amazing few weeks we have had! Theo and I are both enjoying the lessons and each week I am surprised to see just how much his confidence of being in the water has grown. The biggest achievement has been us completing our first underwater swim.

Week 3, after only 1 hour of lessons was the big moment. Through the preparation and my confidence in Beka, our swimming teacher, I was put at ease and really looking forward to the experience! Theo, well he had no idea what was about to happen and was his usual chilled self taking everything in around him!

During the previous weeks we had been building up to the skills using the underwater swimming cue and splashing water over Theo's head; each time we did this he was becoming more and more accepting of his face being wet.

Beka took Theo for a forward facing swim, again a skill we had previously been working on. As they returned back to me I said the underwater swimming cue and Beka gently glided him underwater. Theo was instantly handed back to me and given cuddles, and apart from a few sneezes didn't seem bothered by the experience. I was amazed at how natural being underwater seemed to all the babies in our group.

Since the first underwater swim we have completed two more, another by Beka and one done by me. Theo is unfazed by going underwater and I can see the importance of this skill for water safety and
the beginnings of learning to swim.

In the last four weeks we have learnt forward facing swimming and Theo is now kicking his legs throughout this. We have also mastered swimming on his back with Theo putting his head back, so his ears are submerged, and is confident enough to be led round just holding onto my fingers; what amazing progress in just a few weeks!

Each week we look forward to our lessons and can't wait to build up the skills and further develop Theo's water confidence.

We are off to Center Parcs this week and looking forward to showing Daddy Theo's new found love of the swimming pool, thanks to the amazing lessons from Turtle Tots Southampton!

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