10 Things That Made Me Smile | February 2017

Recently I have been wanting to get into writing more personal posts for my blog. These days, weeks turn into months and I seem to have less and less time to write on here which means I have less to look back at in years to come. This year I thought I would start writing 10 things that made me smile month by month.

February was a busy month for us and half term threw our routine a little however we had a lovely half term and it was lovely to spend time with Maxwell. Now we are back at school, I am hoping that March will be a little less stressful for us and our routine will slowly resume.

- School awards for Maxwell
Maxwell has been doing well at school and in February we had Maxwell's parents evening which showed us how well he was doing. We were told he was a pleasure to teach and we were told that he is a helpful, happy member of the class. Not only did Maxwell's parents evening go well but over February Maxwell managed to bring some awards home from school for being a good boy as well as some academic awards. I am so proud of the little boy he is growing up to become.

- Half term
Half term was a week where I decided to plan lots of days out for Maxwell and I and just spend some quality time together. Now Maxwell is at school I feel our time together is very limited and we tend not to be able to fit a lot in. Ben was lucky to get some well earned holiday off as well at half term which was nice for us all. Our half term consisted of visiting a small world play place, soft play, a trip to the beach, trips to the park, a ride on a local train, plenty of games, meeting up friends, 2 parties and swimming lessons. We had a lovely week and I am excited about Maxwells Easter half term as I plan to fit as much as possible in with him again.

- Digital Mums
A Digital Mums course is something which I have wanted to do for sometime now and I was really excited to find out I got accepted onto the course just after Christmas. I was given a date to start in February and in the last week of February I started my Digital Mums Course. So far I am loving the course and have learnt lots of neat tricks and tips to improve my digital media presence. I am super excited to see where Digital Mums takes me and hopefully in 6 months time, I shall pass the course and be a fully qualified Digital Mum

- Dropping a dress size
Last month I highlighted that I was on my Slimming World journey and how excited and happy that I was on it. After just a few weeks on Slimming World I have managed to drop a dress size and I am thrilled. I still feel like I have quite a long way to go yet but I am on the journey that I want to be on and I do not want to stop the journey.

- Forest walks
Over the past few months I have been going for walks in the forest with some of the Mums at school. I have always enjoyed getting out and about however I stopped when I had Maxwell. Now Maxwell is at school I feel I have a little more time in the day to play with and this is when I enjoy going on forest walks with my friends. After I have been on one I always feel my mind is clear and the walks are doing wonders for my Slimming World journey.

- Ugly drinks
For a long time, I had an addiction to cola. For a long time it was one of my favourite drinks however since I have been on my slimming world journey I have started to dislike cola and I have been drinking water or juice instead. In February i was emailed about a drink which I was able to drink on the go however the drink in question had no nasties added to it.  Ugly is a drink which has no sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients in. Ugly is a drink which is sparkling water infused with natural fruit flavours. The drink is perfect for on the go and is a great alternative than most fizzy drinks you get these days. Ugly can be purchased at Holland & Barrett.

- Snatch the app
In February I wrote that I started playing a new app called Snatch. Over the past week I have seen the app go from strength to strength and there are now more players than ever playing it. It is a fantastic app which helps you win prizes and has the same concept as Pokemon Go which I feel is suitable for all the family to play with. So far I have won £15.50 from Snatch in just a week! I am keen to carry on playing and winning more rewards!

- The Brit Awards
Recently I have had very little time to watch the TV however I did watch the Brit Awards this year and I really enjoyed watching it. I loved the live music, especially 1975 and Coldplay and I found myself laughing at some of the award announcements. It is mine and Ben's dream to attend the Brit Awards and next year we are hoping that we may be able to secure tickets and go.

- Shopping
On the run up to Christmas and just after Christmas I avoided the high street like the plague. I am someone who hates busy areas and I am a bargain hunter. After Christmas I always find that the best bargains are picked up early on after Christmas and until February there are very little bargains to be had. February was a good month for me when it came to shopping. I treated myself to some shoes and managed to bag Ben's Birthday present which isn't until April but it made sense to buy it early.

- Running down the cupboards
Last month I was tempted by a lot of junk which was in the cupboards and my Slimming World progress reflected this. Last month was a month where I decided to run down the cupboards and start a fresh. It was fantastic to see what I had in the cupboards and I love the fact that the cupboards are now not too over run.

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