Snatch App

Snatch App

Have you heard of the Snatch App? If you are a lover of winning prizes and if you love playing Pokemon Go, this app is for you! Snatch is the 7th most popular download on the Apple Store at the present moment and its popularity is increasing! Join today and be that little bit ahead of your friends!

What is Snatch?
Snatch is an app which allows you to explore your local community and pick up boxes on the way. Inside each box you pick up, you can find coins and diamonds that will help you on your Snatch journey in play. You are also able to find prizes which make a fantastic treat. The aim of Snatch is to walk. run and cycle around your local area and collect boxes that can be seen on a map. Once you have collected  up to 10 boxes, you must hold onto them for 6 hours. However as easy as that may sound, people in your local area will be able to snatch any 10 of your boxes from you. If you make it to 6 hours with your boxes, you can reveal prizes inside your box. Prizes change regularly however you can find coins and diamonds for in game purchases, NOW TV 2 month entertainment passes, Cash, PlayStation 4, Flight vouchers and many more different prizes.

How can I try to win prizes?
You are able to find Snatch either on your Play Store if you use Android or you are able to find it on the Apple Store if you have a Apple device. Once you find it all, you simply need to do is download it to your phone. Once downloaded, you need to set yourself a profile up on the App, I found the easiest way of doing this was connecting to the app via Facebook. When you download the app and it asks you for a referral code, please add code: GRKK7N. When everything is setup you will see a map on screen. This means you are ready to play!

Snatch App

How can I collect boxes?
Once you have signed up to Snatch, you need to open the app and walk, cycle or run around your local area and find boxes on your map located on your phone or tablet device. Once you spot a box, you need to be no further than 50m to collect it. Once spotted all you simply need to do is click it, wait for it to load and then click the "AR" button in the top right hand of the screen. I find this method the easy way of collecting a box. You are then able to collect up to 10 boxes at a time

I have collected a box, now what?
When you have collected a box or a number of boxes you will see a number with a small box icon in your top right hand side of the app. If you click the box icon, you will be able to see how much time you have left on each box before you are able to open it. This time will range from anything up to 6 hours. If a box has been already been open for 6 hours, your box shall move itself to "Secured Parcels" at the bottom of your screen. To open the secured parcels all you need to do is scroll to  do is press "reveal" which is located in the top right hand side of the app on the box page. Keep your eyes peeled for gold boxes. Every gold box has real cash inside it or a top prize! Make sure you hold onto those gold boxes for as long as possible!

I want to snatch someone's box....
If you want to snatch someone's box, this is going to cost you 25 coins. If you want to snatch someones box, look in the bottom left hand side of your app and locate the 3 figure, round image. If it is turned green it means people are in the vicinity and you could potentially snatch their boxes. If the round figure button is grey, this means no one is around to snatch boxes from. If you are able to snatch someones box all you have to do is click their username when the button is green and lists users, the person then has 3 minutes to defend the box before it is yours! If the person defends the box you get nothing however if the person does not defend the box, it then turns into your box and you can locate it in the top right hand side of the app under the box button.

Snatch App

What should I do if someone is trying to snatch my box?
There are a few different options you can use during game play to give you better chances of keeping hold of your boxes. However to stand a chance of keeping hold of your boxes you are going to need coins to buy special features. The following features will help you save any snatched boxes:

Snatch proof vest – You can only use this if your box is being snatched. This is one of the cheapest boxes, costing just 40 coins. The snatch proof vest is a single use vest to stop your parcel being snatched, you can use it every time somebody tries to snatch from you.

Smoke screen – You are only able to use this if your box is being snatched. When your box is being snatched, you are able to deploy a smoke screen to hide you and make it so you can evade your snatcher. Each smoke screen costs 55 coins and to me this is a better option than the snatch proof vest. It keeps you off the map for 15 minutes and hides you so people can not see you for those 15 minutes meaning no one can try and continue to snatch boxes off you.

What if I have a gold box which I want to hang onto?
When I have a gold box, I keep an eye on the app regularly. I ensure my phone receives notifications from Snatch and I guard all my boxes as carefully and closely as possible. Snatch has a few features which makes saving those gold boxes possible however all these features do cost coins:

Invisibility Cloak – The invisibility cloak lasts 60 minutes however it is a fantastic feature which has saved my skin a few times. If you know you are going out for a hour or so, use this feature and ensure you are not being disturbed with anyone trying to snatch your boxes. The cloak costs 125 coins to use.

Tent – The tent is a safety tent which is dropped on your current location and you can not be attacked whilst you remain within 50 metres. The tent can be used one time each day and lasts for 60 minutes. The tent costs 75 coins. This is my least favourite feature due to Snatch stating that I have moved further than 50 metres at a time when I actually have not.

Emergency Battery – Are you ever out and about and your phone is about to die? Do not let this ruin your game of Snatch. When you have a battery is below 20%, activate the emergency battery. This will protect your parcels while you can charge up. You can use this twice per day and it lasts for 30 minutes. The emergency battery costs 65 coins to use.

Snatch App

Is there any features which can help me increase the number of boxes which I have?
When I am playing snatch, I try and increase the number or boxes I have on my own. I hate paying for features to help me. I see it as a waste of money and I feel I could get the feature for free if I got up and used my legs to search round the local area to get boxes.

Black hole – This drops a black hole on to the map and automatically collects any parcels which are close by.  This feature will still only allow you to have 10 parcels at a time however if your parcels get snatched easily, this feature may be good for you. The black hole feature lasts for 120 minutes, you can use it once per day and it does cost you 500 coins. The black hole has a radius of 500 metres meaning it can collect parcels that are further away from you.

Radar – The Radar has been a Snatch saver on many occasions. The radar increases the distance that you can collect parcels from. This means if there are no parcels in your area but you know of some further away you are able to use the Radar feature. The feature changes your radius to 500 metres. You can use it five times per day. It lasts for 10 minutes a time and costs 200 coins.

What do I do when I have waited the 6 hours for a box to open?
Once you have waited  hours, you need to click the box icon in the top right hand side of the page. Here you will be able to see if any boxes are open. You will be able to find them under the "secure parcel" header. Once there is more than 1 box under the header, press the reveal button which is located under the box icon in the top right hand side. You will then be able to open the box and see what you have won. You then simply need to "redeem" your prize by pressing the redeem button.

What if I win a cash prize?
If you win a cash prize download circle off the app store. When downloading use the referral code: FWRP1V. From here you are then able to transfer the cash you have won over to the app and you are then able to send it to yourself. If you win a cash prize, make sure you redeem it ASAP or it may expire.

Snatch App

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