Our Sun Holiday 2017 - My Top 5 Tips When Booking With The Sun

As a family we love going on holidays. For the past few years we have enjoyed many family holidays and have made so many lovely memories going on them. Last year we went on 3 holidays all around the UK and this year we planned to go abroad. Due to Maxwell starting school last September this dream faded rather quickly when we began to see how expensive it was to go abroad in the school holidays. Wanting to go on holiday this year, we searched and searched different deals but found that we would be limited to where we wanted to go abroad or we would only be able to afford one big holiday in the UK. Wanting to change this I came up with another plan of action. Why not try the Sun Holiday paper deals?

2 weeks ago I began my search for a holiday in the UK. I began with working out what dates Maxwell was off school, what time Ben could book off work, where we would like to go on holiday and what budgets we had to work with. From these plans I was then able to start looking on the Sun Holiday website at dates and parks we would like to visit. Within 30 mins of looking at the Sun Holiday site, I had booked our first Sun Holiday and just a week later, our Sun Holiday has been confirmed, booked and paid for.

If you are looking to book a holiday with the Sun on this promotion Jan/Feb 2017 Promotion you will need the following code words: SWIM, SOFT. ANEW, BUDS, CALF, LAMB, DEER, FULL, FOAL, K8F6. Booking for this promotion closes February 17, 2017.

Booking our holiday was a simple and a easy process. My 5 top tips for booking a Sun Holiday are:

1) Check to see how much your holiday would cost by booking direct with the park or a private owner as sometimes it will be cheaper than booking via the Sun. Our holiday which we have booked was less than half the price we would have paid if we had booked direct.

2) When you book, read the final cost carefully. When you book direct you often pay for things as a whole but when you are booking through the Sun you often need to take into consideration there there are extra costs involved. On my holiday booking through the Sun I had to pay extra for service charges, entertainment passes and bed linen.

3) Before you decide to book a holiday, take a look at the reviews for the holiday park you are visiting. I often find that a few parks with a lot of negative feedback are left for school holiday dates and I often feel there is a reason for this. Don't panic buy, there is nothing worse than turning up to a holiday and finding it is the pits and wanting to leave.

4) Don't book a holiday without researching the area. We often book a holiday to make memories. We look at places we can visit whilst on holiday to create memories and we look to see if the places we want to visit are affordable. We tend to book holidays around a 3 hour drive away from us with plenty for us to enjoy and see.

5) Don't panic buy. Did you know there are several promotions a year for Sun Holidays? If you are looking to holiday at the end of the year and you are unable to find accommodation to suit you needs in one promotion, hold out and see if you can find accommodation you are after in the next promotion. There is nothing worse than panic buying, then finding out you could have actually got something better had you waited.

Keep reading for further updates on our Sun Holiday 2017.

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