15 Things To Declutter From Your Living Room

15 Things To Declutter From Your Living Room

This year I am trying to be much less materialistic. I would love a home which is clutter free and I would love a home which had less contents in it. Due to this, this year I am aiming to clear my house out. By the end of the year I would love to have completed my decluttering journey. 

This year I am going to focus on clearing a room a month. Some rooms in our house are more cluttered than others so some months I may fall short of decluttering less. This month I want to start decluttering the living room. As a whole, it has barely any clutter in it however I have lots of old games, DVD's and a few of Maxwell's toys which need a new home.

On my journey I will be sending my clutter to 3 places. The bin, the charity shop or a selling network. Overall I would love to make as much money as possible from our clutter so I am able to spend the money on a family holiday, a new car or days out that we will enjoy as a family. With this in mind I will be trying to sell as much as I can that I feel has a value.

This month I aim to declutter at least 30 things from the lounge. I have created a table to work from to ensure that I stay on target with decluttering and I do not miss any potential clutter. With 15 things to remove, I feel like I have plenty of time to achieve what I want to achieve.

15 things to declutter from your living room
1 - Magazines
2 - Old used batteries
3 - Half used candles
4 - Takeaway menus
5 - DVD'S
6 - Broken toys
7 - Electrical chargers
8 - Unused Furniture
9 - Old decorative accessories
10 - Newspapers
11 - Old games consoles
12 - Old books
13 - Decorative pictures
14 - Manuals 
15 - Boxes

Come back in March to see how much I manage to declutter!

2017 - A year I will create a minimalistic home.

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  1. Now that made me laugh, my living room is full of old used batteries thanks to my son. I shall have to take a leaf out of your book and get rid!


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