Personal Bucket List 2017

Personal Bucket List 2017

2017 is going to be a year where I try and take a little more time for myself. For the past 6 years I have felt like I have put my family in front of me and I have not achieved anything which I have wanted to complete. This year is a year where I have plenty of hopes however I am a little scared of failing.

This year I have some wonderful opportunities already added to my diary. I am set to go in for my theory and driving test and I pray that I manage to pass both tests. I also am thrilled to have the opportunity to start a Digital Mums Course. I found out that recently that I was lucky enough to get a place on one of their courses and I should start the course in February. I am super excited to be able to learn something which I love and hopefully I go on to pass the course and eventually be able to turn that love into a job.

There are some goals which I would love to complete including losing weight on Slimming World. I started my Slimming World Journey in November in 2016 and from that date to now, I have lost 1 Stone. I hope this year is the year which I manage to shed lots more. Fitting perfectly with Slimming World, I am also going to start the 1000 mile challenge. This challenge will see me walk 1000 miles in the space of a year. We are already a few days into this year and as of yet, I have not tracked how many miles I have managed to walk. I need to start tracking how much I am walking and then find lots of walks to go on so I can meet my goal.

In 2017, I would love to be able to move homes however I feel like this is possibly not the best year to move with other plans which we have, this said moving is not a complete no. In 2017, I would love to declutter the house a little more and I would love to buy a few new things for our home.

I am excited to see what 2017 has in store for me and I am praying that I shall be able to complete some of my personal targets off my bucket list this year.

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