Our Bucket List 2017

Last year I created a bucket list for Maxwell and I to complete over the summer. It was packed full of things which I wanted us to do and achieve together. Maxwell and I had fun completing most of our bucket list. This year I want to create as many memories with Maxwell as possible. I value the time we spend together when he is not at school and I am very excited to try and tick as many things as possible off our bucket list this year and perhaps add a few memories and days out to it. This year I want to create a bucket list which we could complete together throughout the whole of 2017.

This year I have picked things which I feel we can do not only in the sun but also in the wind and rain. Last year I felt we missed a lot of the local community events, especially around Christmas and I would love to go to some of those events that we missed out on this year. This year saw us have chicken pox which meant we missed out on a lot around Christmas time - 2017 will be a chicken pox free year!

We are excited to see what 2017 brings to us as a family and we are excited to hopefully tick this bucket list off!

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