Raleigh Atom Children's Bike Review

Every Christmas, we tend to buy Maxwell a present which we consider to be a large gift. We always love to shop for a main present from us which Maxwell can easily identify away from Santa's gifts. Over the past few years Maxwell has had game consoles, activity centres and even a playhouse. Ahead of Christmas, Maxwell was recently sent a Raleigh bike which we felt would have made a fantastic gift from us which Maxwell would easily be able to identify away from Santa's gifts.

Raleigh recently contacted us and asked if Maxwell would like to review one of their Atom Bikes. Maxwell has recently started learning to ride without stabilisers so as soon as we were asked if we wanted to review a Atom Bike we jumped at the chance. Ahead of the delivery of our Atom Bike, Raleigh offered us a fantastic service. They asked us to measure Maxwell and send over Maxwell's measurements so they were able to provide us a Atom Bike built and ready for Maxwell to ride on as soon as it arrived at our house.

The delivery of the Atom Bike was quick. The bike arrived well packaged, well built and we were very impressed. The bike included the pedals in the box which was the only thing we needed to add to the bike. If you need stabilizers on your child's bike, these are also a extra which you shall need to add onto the bike.

As soon as Ben had fitted the bike with pedals, Maxwell asked if we could go out on the bike. We took Maxwell out on the bike straight away. We went round our local area and as a family we were very impressed with what the bike had to offer. The bike steered well, rode well and did everything we expected to and more. We were not worried about Maxwells safety at any point.

A few of the Raleigh Atom's features included:

Aluminium frame - Raleigh offer the Atom with a aluminium frame. This is fantastic due to it making your child's bike lightweight, easy to handle and manoeuvre.
Aluminium V-brakes - These are a high specification on Raleigh pavement bikes fitted for an improved braking performance.
Handlebars - Are fitted for a more upright riding position, allowing your child to become more aware of things around them whilst riding.
Non slip pedals - A safety feature Raleigh has been fitting to Children's bikes for years, they are fitted with rubber pads which prevent feet slipping off. Each pair of non slip pedals is carefully colour matched to fit the bike design
Full chain guard - A colour co-ordinated guard which matches your child's bike design, it is a functional necessity. Not only does it stop the dirt getting on your child and their clothes but it also 
keeps the sharp edges of the chain wheel covered and away from little fingers

The Atom bike is easy on the eye thanks to the design that Raleigh have used. The design is cool, fun and bright. Everything on the bike is colour coordinated and this gives the bike a sleek look.  Maxwell loved the fact that even the pedals and the bike trims matched the red body of the bike.

As a parent it was fantastic to see a bike that was not only cool looking but also included some great safety features. I felt that the full chain guard was a brilliant feature and I also loved the fact that the pedals were non slip. We live in the New Forest and often find that it can get very wet underfoot, this can lead to Maxwell's feet slipping from his bike pedals however we now do not have to worry about this.

Maxwell will use the Raleigh Atom bike to not only have fun out and about in the New Forest but Maxwell will also use the bike going to and from school. The Atom features a lacquer which will help the bikes paintwork stay in tip top condition for years to come. This is important to us due to previous items of Maxwell's getting ruined at school due to other people carelessly putting their property on top of Maxwell's or scratching it.

The Raleigh Atom has a RRP of £130 and I think it will not only make the perfect Christmas present but also a fantastic gift for any child. It is a fantastic bike which is perfect to use in all weathers and seasons. We are excited to watch the Raleigh Atom grow with Maxwell.

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