Today you are 5. You have lived on this earth for half a decade. How did we get here so quick? I wish at times we could stick on the brakes and go back to the times where you needed me more.  

You are so fiercely independant now and in the short space of a year you have done so much. You have aspirations and nothing is going to get in your way of reaching your goal. You are determined, inquisitive and you have such a funny sense of humour.

You have learnt to talk, you have learnt to shine, you have learnt to be you. You have shown people the real you. You have made new friends, you have started a new school and you try so hard. You accept people for who they are, no questions asked. You are caring and kind and although you have a bubbly personality, you often know when to stop and you know when to say sorry.

Through 5 years you have grown, not only have you grown you have helped me grow. This year you have kept me strong. This year has been a journey, a long journey. There are times where I have wanted to give up and hide away until the dust settles however you have given me purpose. You have been my get go. Everything that I have done, has been for you and I hope in time that you will see how much I adore you and how me and your Daddy do everything possible to make your life nothing but fun, carefree and happy. 

I can't wait for this next year to greet us. I can't wait to make as many magical memories as we can possibly fit in. I want to stand hand in hand with you and walk in the sun on sandy beaches, scream with laughter as we ride our scooters around the local area, walk hand in hand to school together and listen to the frost crunch under our feet, go to magical places where others can only dream to go. Memories are me and you. Our blog is a memory of our journey together and what we have achieved. We have achieved so much in the space of 5 years together and without you, I would have never walked this path in life. Because of you, I am thankful. 

This year I hope I achieve more for you. I hope I carry on achieving my best for you. Lets carry on cementing this foundation which we started in 2011.

Here is another letter for your Birthday pile which only one day I hope you read.

On your 5th Birthday.. I love you and I am proud to be able to call you my son!

Happy Birthday baby,


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