Ravensburger's Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle by Night Review

Since I was a child I have always enjoyed doing puzzles. Since Maxwell was born puzzles have taken a bit of a back seat in my life however with Christmas just around the corner and with a little bit more free time on my hands since Maxwell has started school I was excited to build the Ravensburger's Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle by Night.

As soon as the box arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. I have never completed a 3D puzzle before and although the unknown was a little scary, I could not wait to start the puzzle. The picture on the box looked spectacular and I was hoping that once the puzzle was built, it would look as spectacular in real life.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with lots of little thick plastic pieces of puzzle. Inside the box there were also plastic accessories for the architectural details of the Eiffel Tower and some internal supports to help the puzzle stand up straight and tall. The Eiffel Tower puzzle also came with a LED light box to put in the stand to illuminate the Eiffel Tower from below. Inside the box was also a short information leaflet. Please note that you will need to add your own AAA batteries into the stand as the box does not include these. You will need 3 batteries in total.

Once I had read the information leaflet I started to sort the pieces of puzzle. All the pieces are numbered which is fantastic as this really helped me to complete the puzzle. There are 3 sections of the Eiffel Tower puzzle and each section has a set number of pieces which I was able to sort with ease thanks to the numbers located on them. I was then able to build the puzzle in sections using the supports which were included in the box. On the pieces of puzzle there are also arrows showing you where the next piece of puzzle must be attached. I felt this made the whole construction job much easier.

Once I got into the puzzle I was unable to put it down. After I had put Maxwell to bed I sat down for 5 hours and completed the puzzle in full. I was shocked to see how easy I managed to put the puzzle together and how little time it took to create such an amazing creation. I personally found the top of the puzzle to be very fiddly  and I felt the instructions were a little hard to follow however I managed to complete the build and I felt very proud of myself.

Once the puzzle was up, it looked beautiful. Not only did the puzzle look amazing without lights on in the daytime, it also looked amazing lit up at night with the lights on. Maxwell was mesmerised by the 3D Eiffel Tower and asked if we could do a 3D puzzle together next time we got one. Not only did he love the colour changing lights, he also thought the height of the puzzle was fantastic.

Since putting the puzzle up around a week ago, the puzzle has stayed in place and has not moved. The build of the puzzle is strong and it is fantastic to see that all my hard work has not been ruined. I really enjoyed building the 3D puzzle and I shall be adding more 3D puzzles onto my Christmas wishlist.

You are able to purchase the Ravensburger's Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle by Night on Amazon this Christmas. The puzzle has a RRP of £24.99 which I think is a great price for a fantastic quality product. The Ravensburger's Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle by Night  is currently on offer on Amazon.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own

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