Cobra Attack - Megableu Review

Maxwell adores playing games. He loves problem solving games, adventure games, thrill seeking games and basic games which require him to use his imagination. This month we have been working with Megableu and have been putting there top game Cobra Attack through its paces.

Cobra Attack is a game a little like sly fox or whats the time Mr Wolf. The aim of the game is to creep up to the basket and steal the glowing green emerald on the cobras head. Although it may sound super easy, their is a twist. Whilst stealing the green emerald, the cobra must not see you move. If the cobra does see you move, he will give you a very big shock. The aim of the game is easy. When the light is green you can safely creep forward towards the cobra but when it's on red you must stand perfectly still. 

The set up of the game is very easy. All you need to do is place the green emerald in the correct location, press the cobra down into the plastic holder and add a special key to the back of the game to enable it to work. The set up of the game was easy to do and only took me a few seconds to complete. This game comes with no batteries so if you are buying it for a gift for someone, try and remember that Cobra Attack takes 4 x AA batteries.

Once the game was set up, we were ready to play. I loved Cobra Attack as it allowed me and Maxwell to play together or it allowed just him to play on his own. Being a only child, there are very few games on the market which allow Maxwell to play on his own. Maxwell had the choice to play with me or on his own, he decided to play on his own and had a lot of fun. There were lots of shrieks, lots of laughter and lots of freezing poses. 

We were able to set the game to 3 different levels, I liked this feature as it means that as we learn to play better, the harder we can make the game for ourselves. Not only would this make the perfect gift this Christmas, it would also make a fantastic gift to any games lover throughout the year.

Maxwell played the game over and over again and also managed to allow Mummy and Daddy to have a few turns. We all found the game to be a lot of fun and it was a game which we all wanted to play over and over again. This game will continue to be a popular game in our household as the years go on.

Cobra Attack has a RRP for £24.99 which I think is quite reasonable seeing as it is suitable for the whole family and the fantastic game that is behind it. Cobra Attack is suitable for children aged 4 years +. I feel this game would be suitable for all ages about 4 years old.

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