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Every now and again, I get a gift card which I am unable to use. In the past I have gifted people vouchers due to the short expiry date, the location of the store which I am unable to get to or the fact that I tend to buy nothing from the shop that the gift card is for. With Christmas just around the corner, I have found the perfect selling place for unwanted gift cards.

I recently was lucky enough to work with Zeek. For anyone who has not heard of Zeek before, they are an app based selling network which allows you to sell and buy unwanted gift cards. You can sell any unwanted physical gift cards, printable eVouchers or eGift cards that meet Zeeks selling termsWhen you buy a gift card, you are able to buy the gift card at a discounted rate. With Christmas just around the corner, this is a fantastic way to save money when buying gifts for others.

Zeek have plenty of vouchers to offer. At the present moment they have 10% off Next which means that a £100 voucher would cost you just £90 which means you have a rather large saving of £10. Zeek offer vouchers from Marks & Spencers, John Lewis, Itunes, Build A Bear and plenty of supermarkets as well as many other leading brands.

Over a few days, I looked at the app and questioned what I had left to buy for Christmas. I worked out that I had quite a few gifts left to buy for my family however I was unsure what they would like me to buy them so I decided to buy a 2 gift cards which I knew would suit my needs. I decided to buy myself a £50 One For All voucher and a £10 Argos voucher. I had to pay £51.50 towards £60 of vouchers.

Once I had purchased the gift cards, Zeek were very quick to send them out to me. It took 1 day for them to arrive at my house which was fantastic as I was able to use them straight away. The gift cards were preloaded with credit so there was very little for me to have to fuss about. I was able to check my One For All balance online and was able to see that £50 credit was showing.

I was amazed that I managed to basically get £8.50 of money free and it took me very little time to get the free money. Combined with cashback, once I have purchased my Christmas gifts, I should be looking at saving over £10 which is fantastic. If I kept buying vouchers towards my Christmas gifts, I would be looking at getting around £10 free with every £50 I spent which would add up nicely over the Christmas period. Using Zeek, I am also able to save on my Christmas grocery shopping.

Top Tips For Using Zeek

- Sign in to the app -
I found that when I was signed into the app, I was able to find more gift cards listed. I found that Zeek would occasionally sign me out of the app which meant that I was unable to see the best discounts and vouchers being listed.

- Check the app regularly -
New gift cards are added all the time on Zeek. As soon as new gift cards are added, there can often be larger discounts. By checking back, I was able to find great deals on my Argos gift card. At first, I was happy to settle with a 4% discount however after checking back I managed to get a 7% discount which is a further 3% discount.

- Zeek is available on desktop -
If you do not want to use the app, you are able to use Zeek on your desktop instead I love having Zeek on my phone as it allows me to check the app regularly whilst I am on the go however the desktop version is also fantastic.

If you want to sign up for Zeek, use the code 2AHFDU33 and you will get £5 credit in your account (I will also receive the same). It means you’ll save £5 off your first card!

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