Mickey Mouse Fire Station And Fire Engine IMC Reivew

We are huge Disney fans in this house. As a family we love Disney. From a young age Maxwell has had many favourite characters but more recently he has developed a huge love for Mickey Mouse. Recently we were asked to review a Mickey Mouse fire station and Mickey Mouse Fire engine by IMC Toys. I knew Maxwell would be the perfect person to review the set due to his love of emergency services as well as Mickey Mouse. As soon as the big box of Disney magic arrived, Maxwell jumped in excitement and his full face lit up. He could not wait to start playing with his new fire station and fire engine.

Once we had opened the box to see what we had been sent, we took the instructions out of the fire station and started to put the fire station together. We found that it did take us quite a while to put the fire station together due to the amount of stickers which we needed to add to the play set. For some people this may have been a problem but Maxwell and I loved putting the play set together and loved looking at the instructions along with the picture of the station on the box. We finally had to add batteries into the toy. You will need 2 x AAA batteries for this set. We felt that if this set was being given as a gift, it would be better to set up this toy before your child unwraps it due to the time it can take to put together.

Maxwell and I then decided to put the fire engine together. The fire engine came in one part instead of lots of little parts. The set up of this toy was much quicker and quite easy to do as all we needed to do was add stickers to this toy as well as 2 x AA batteries. We felt the set up of the fire engine was hassle free and it could potentially be set up on Christmas morning if you are purchasing it for this purpose.

Once the fire station was ready to go, we felt that the toy was a lot of fun. We felt that Maxwell had to use his imagination to get the full use out of this toy. The fire station comes with a Mickey & Mini figure and lots of fire fighting equipment. Maxwell managed to make Mickey slide down the fireman’s pole, train in the training room and put out fires with the expandable hose. He was able to get Mini to have a sleep whilst he was out training and he was able to get Mini to check all the fire equipment was put away in its correct place. 

The fire station made 3 noises which Maxwell thought was fantastic. The noises really did add the extra excitement into this toy. Maxwell loved that the parts of this toy were not to small or to big for him to clutch and Maxwell said that it is a toy that he will use over and over again. Coming up to the age of 5, I do not think this is a toy which Maxwell will grow out of soon.

Once Maxwell had got over the excitement of opening the fire station, it was soon time to add the fire engine into the mix. Maxwell was thrilled to see that the fire engine was compatible with the fire station. Maxwell loved the fact that the fire engine made noises and he loved the fact that it had bright lights on it also. It was also great to see that the fire engine came with another Mickey Mouse figure.

Although we were very happy with the play set as well as the fire engine, we would like to see the quality of the plastic on parts of the fire station improved. We have already noticed that the door of the fire station has started to bend at the top due to a lot of use. Due to this, occasionally the door can jump off its plastic hinge however this does not effect our use.

Maxwell has played with this toy non stop for several weeks and is fascinated with it. It is a toy which I think will grow with Maxwell for a few years. As a parent, I love that the fire station and the fire engine come with figures as well as plenty of little pieces which Mickey and his friends can use on their adventures.  It is great to see that if any figures need to be replaced, they can be purchased in packs of 2 fairly cheaply. This is great if you have a child like mine who often misplaces figures which stops of lots of fun play.

The IMC Mickey Mouse fire station can be purchased at with a RRP £34.99 of. The IMC Mickey Mouse Fire Engine can be purchased at with a RRP £24.99 of. These two toys would make a fantastic present for any child for Christmas.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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