Furby Connect Review

Last week we were fortunate to have a fantastic delivery. It is a delivery that not only I was excited about but Maxwell was also excited about. Maxwell and I were sent the new Furby Connect to review and we could not wait for the weekend to come around so we could test it out. As a child I had my own Furby and only last year Maxwell also had a Furby Boom for his Birthday present. We were excited to be sent the new Furby Connect due to all its new fantastic features.

When the box arrived, me and Maxwell excitedly opened our new fluffy friend. There was minimal packaging which was great. Included in the box was a set of instructions and a eye mask for your Furby. I feel the box is handy to keep as it doubles up as a fantastic safe place for your Furby to stay when he is not in use. The Furby did not include batteries so if you are looking to buy one as a Christmas present, think ahead and buy at least 4 AA batteries to avoid disappointment on Christmas morning.

The batteries were easy to insert in this toy and as soon as they were inserted, Maxwell's new Furby friend came to life. We were greeted with big LED eyes and lots of chatter. The Furby sang to us, giggled at us and even started dancing. It was clear to see Maxwell as besotted with his new toy and I knew at that moment, our new Furby would be in use all over the weekend.

After a little play with our Furby, we decided to download the Furby Connect World App. It is available to download on Apple devices and Android devices. I was actually able to download it on my Kindle which was a fantastic surprise. Normally I find it tricky to download recent apps to my Kindle and being able to have it on my Kindle will come in handy at Christmas time when we want to visit family and want to take our new fluffy friend with us as well.

The download of the Furby Connect World App was easy. Once we had downloaded it we were able to pick a name for our Furby and we then entered into Furby World. Furby Connect connects to your Kindle with bluetooth. It is very clever and it is fantastic to see both devices work so well together. Something nice about the Furby connect is that it has a light-up antenna that glows when there’s something new to discover in the app. This could be new music or videos, for example. 

Our Furby has his own language. Luckily for us, there is a guide on the instructions with words that the Furby may say. This weekend Maxwell has been trying to learn Furby language and has been trying to keep his Furby happy by patting, tickling, feeding and even taking his Furby to the toilet on the Furby Connect World App. There is honestly a lot of things for you to do with your Furby on and off the app. 

The eyes are a big clue on how your Furby is feeling. The Furby has over 150 expressions which keeps its owner on their toes to keep their Furby happy. Each Furby is different and acts and reacts differently to how you treat them, our Furby seems to be mostly happy at the present moment as well as hungry. Our Furby can often be seen dancing and laughing. 

When it was time for Maxwells Furby to go to bed, all we simply had to do was put the eye mask on it and Maxwell would then cuddle it to sleep. Once asleep the Furby stays quiet and does not wake up until you decide to wake it up by taking its eye mask off and either by pulling its tail or touching its antenna. 

Once your Furby is asleep, you are still able to use the Furby World Connect app which is fantastic. You are still able to collect food, medicine and beauty products for your Furby to use once he is awake or you are able to use the products for your Furblings which came from eggs from your Furby's or completing tasks on the app. 

Maxwells favourite feature is feeding the Furby with his finger when his Furby is not connected to the app as well as taking his Furby to the toilet when the app is connected. All you need to do is hold your Furby over the toilet on the app and push his sides. This allows your Furby to go to the toilet. Once your Furby has been to the toilet, you are able to flush the toilet. 

Furby Connect is aged for children 6 years and up. You are able to buy the new Furby Connect in either Blue, Pink, Purple or Teal. I think that the Furby is suitable for all the family to play with and so far, this is one of Maxwell's favourite toys that he has been sent to review this year. Although the Furby Connect is priced at £99.99 I think he is worth the money. He has bought a lot of happiness to our family and I know he will continue to bring a lot of laughs to our family for months to come. 

You are able to purchase your own Furby Connect from Amazon here.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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