5 Shows I Am Watching On TV October 2016

The nights are getting darker quickly and I find at the moment I love sitting down in my PJ's, with my family around me with a nice meal or some nibbles in front of me. At the moment I am loving quite a few shows. Over the next month, some of my old favourite shows start up again and to say I am excited is an understatement.

I am the type of girl who loves reality TV and shows which nose into other peoples lives. I am a sucker for feeling sorry for people, getting gripped into1 the latest action on TV and then searching on social media about the show and the cast. 

Here are 5 shows which I am watching on TV in November 2016 and here are 5 shows which I think you should watch also!

1) X Factor - ITV
This is a little guilty pleasure of mine. Time and time again I say that I will not be watching the X Factor on TV however time and time again I change my mind. This year we have already watched boot camp and I am looking forward to the live shows. This year I am really rooting for Honey G to win the show. Although she isn't the best singer, she is my comedy on a Saturday night and she is actually a guilty pleasure. I hope that Honey G goes far in the show. It is great to see that this year the judges put a few comical acts into the process and did not take things so seriously.

2) Towie - ITV Be
Towie is my secret addiction. It is one of the trashiest TV programmes which I watch but it keeps me gripped every series. From the beginning of when Towie started I have never actually missed a show. Not only do I adore the show but I also love quite a few of the cast members and I have often decided to get their biographies, their autographs and ask them questions on Twitter and Facebook which they have of course answered. I love the arguments, I love following their lives and I love following the casts romances. I am 100% sure this series will not disappoint with the drama, the romances and the fall outs. I am very excited for its return.

3) The Mummy Diaries - ITV Be
The Mummy Diaries is a show which follows former Towie star Sam Faiers and her baby son Paul on the first year of his life. I remember quite a while back, I watched a show which followed her being pregnant and the show then when on to show her son being born. It was an interesting documentary to watch. The show was a little controversial and did raise a few eye brows however it was fantastic to watch Sam go from Towie and turn in to a wonderful mum.  I am super excited to watch the follow up of her first show. 

4) The Apprentice - BBC 1
For a number of years I have watched the apprentice. I love the show and I love watching all the tasks and challenges which the members of the show are set. It is a great show to follow and I often wait eagerly to see who has won the show. Although it is not an action packed show, there are many twists and turns and the show can often keep me in suspense. 

5) Can't Pay We We'll Take It Away - Channel 5
This is not a programme which I love however it is a programme which I watch with interest. This programme watches bailiffs around the UK go and collect money which their clients are owed. I often find it interesting to see where the crew are sent to and how they go about collecting the funds which they are owed. Often there are some heart breaking stories however there are also stories of people being greedy and often leaving people such as their landlord in the lurch.

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