Tips On Buying The Perfect Lunch Bag & A Review

Maxwell started back at school just 2 weeks ago. Since he started he has had a mix of packed lunches as well as school dinners. Before Maxwell went back to school I was keen on finding him the perfect lunch bag. After searching around the web, we found the perfect lunch bag for Maxwell from the House Of Fraser.

When buying the perfect lunch bag, I always look for the following:

BPA-Free – The lunch bag should be safe to store food inside.
Easy to Clean –  The lunch bag should be easy to clean inside. Spills should be easy to clean up.
Size – The lunch bag should be easy to carry or a good size to add into school bags.
Reusable – The lunch bag should be a bag that can be reused over and over again
Easy to store – The lunch bag should not be too bulky to store when not in use. It should be something that will easily fit in your cupboard.
Machine Washable –  The lunch bags should be easily washed in the washing machine.

After searching the House Of Fraser website, Maxwell and I opted for a shark design Joules lunch bag. I choose a lunch bag over a lunchbox as I like the fact that I can use small tubs in Maxwell's lunch bag to separate his food and keep his food fresh. I enjoy using small tubs in his lunch bag as it saves me money when it comes to packing his lunch up. I do not have to constantly buy plastic bags for his food which saves me money but also helps the environment.

I think using a lunch bag is a better option for us as we walk to school often and a lunch bag is much more easier to carry over a square lunchbox. The Joules lunchbox which we choose has a handy handle and the bag is not only large enough to use for Maxwells lunch but it is also large enough to add a water bottle in. This is fantastic as it keeps Maxwells lunch altogether and we do not risk losing his water bottle.

We opted for a zip opening on our lunch bag due to Maxwell sometimes struggling when it comes to opening plastic pots. By using a zip opening, Maxwell is able to easily open his lunch bag and open the small tubs which I put his food in as he is aware of how to open them with ease. This is helpful as it does not leave him feeling frustrated at lunchtime.

I loved the design of this lunch bag and so did Maxwell.  Not only was the shark design very appealing to a shark loving Maxwell but the design was also bright and fun. The design also matched Maxwells school uniform which was a little plus for us.

The lunch bag did not include a name tag which I thought was a little surprising however the interior of the bag was easy to write in which allowed me to write Maxwells name in. The bag is quite dark in colour which means if I wrote Maxwells name on the exterior, you would not be able to see it.

The bag is wipe clean inside and this has already helped us when Maxwell managed to drop lots of crumbs into his box as well as a small amount of yoghurt. Instead of leaving the bag sticky and unhygienic, a quick wipe inside the box got rid of any mess.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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