Pickin’ Chickens Drumond Park Review

Recently Maxwell and I were sent Pickin' Chickens by Drumond Park to review. Maxwell adores playing games as a family so this game came as a welcomed surprise. Recently on our family holiday, we sat down and played this game and had a whole load of fun playing it. Since coming back from holiday we have continued to play this game and have not got bored of the game.

Pickin' Chickens is a game for 2-4 players. The game is suitable for ages 4 and upwards meaning not only is it perfect for Maxwell to play as he is about to hit his 5th Birthday but it is also perfect for us as a family to play together. This game is great for little hands and is simple enough for Maxwell to understand.

The contents of the box includes - 16 coloured chicken (4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue and 4 green), 12 chicken coops, rotating game base (field circle), 4 double-sided chicken cards, 1 farmer card and instructions. The aim of the game is to help save your chicks from the jumping fox. The jumping fox can appear at any time and can really put a spin in the game. The 1st player to collect 4 chicks wins.

This game has a surprise "pop" to it which kept us on the edge of our seats. After Maxwell and I took it in turns to play the game, we never knew when the fox would "pop" up. Everytime the fox did  appear, Maxwell and I would jump. This was a great fun element to the game.

This game has two ways of playing it. This is great for adults and children. Maxwell and I currently play the shorter way and with this in mind, we feel that the game does not take long to play. Maxwell likes this because he is able to finish a game without getting bored half way through. This game is great for children who have a short attention span however it is also great for competitive adults.

What I love about this game is that it is easy to set up. Although there are quite a few small bits, Maxwell is able to set the game up himself. This is something which we have not really found before and it has left Maxwell feeling like a big boy. I also love the fact that this game does not require batteries meaning we have not had to rush around the house trying to take batteries out of another toy mid game so we can complete our game.

 With Christmas just around the corner, I can already tell that this game is going to be a top hit. It is fantastic to see a game that requires a little skill targeted to a child aged 4+. The quality of this item is fantastic, the concept of the game is simple but fun and can create a lot of smiles and this game is suitable for all the family.

Pickin’ Chickens is on sale now at an RRP of just £19.99, though currently on offer. For more details and other great games and gift ideas, visit www.drumondpark.com.

*We received the above products mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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