On The Day You Started School...

A year ago today I sent my little boy on a bus to preschool. I worried if he would be okay. I worried if he would settle in. I worried if he would he make lots of new friends. I worried over the fact he could barely speak and I worried myself silly over the fact he seemed "so behind".

A lot has changed in a year. Max has been released from speech therapy and has soared so high. My 4 year old little boy who was nearly non verbal 1 year ago can now read words such as yellow, red and blue aloud, he can spell certain words, he can count to 109 and he can tell you amazing stories.  He is on the level of most 4 year olds his age and I am amazed at his progress. He has worked so hard. The school and us as a family have all worked so hard.

Max can be cheeky, funny and his chatter is non stop but we have been on an amazing journey and I would not change our journey or him for the world. Today marks a new journey. Maxs biggest journey yet. Max is starting school today, not half days, not a few hours to settle in but a big jump straight into full days. As a parent I am anxious. I am not scared. I know he will face school life head on and will enjoy his time there with a smile on his face. He will soak up the new routine and try his best at everything he faces.

Today marks a new chapter. Although a emotional chapter, this chapter is an exciting chapter. 

You start school, so small, so happy and carefree.
I wouldn't change the last 4 years you spent at home, The memories and the happiness you have bought me.
You were such a surprise to us, you were born so small and tiny.
You have grown into such a good boy, polite, friendly and you have a personality to match that is so shiny.

I am anxious about the start of your new adventure, what parent would not be?
I want you to soar and achieve. As your mummy I know you can and I believe,
I believe in you, and everything you do,
There is little that I don't feel you can see through.

I need you to work hard, learn, listen, play and smile,
Make the next 12 years worthwhile.
I am 100 thousand percent sure you will make new friends, 
I am 1000 thousand percent sure you will try and not drive your teachers around the bend.

You can be chatty, happy, funny and kind, 
You are also so innocent, shy and look at everything with a open mind.
I want you achieve your dreams, your hopes and make them come true,
I want you to be successful, become a doctor and see any problems you face on your journey through.

You are starting school, you are growing up, It doesn't mean I am letting go,
I will always support you through the happy time and the rough times,
I am excited to watch your grow.

Prove everyone you can, don't let people tell you no.
If you want something, capture it and don't ever let it go.

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