Morrisons - School Uniform Review

We are just a week away from Maxwell starting school and we are now prepared to head back. Over the past few weeks, we have worked hard on ensuring Maxwell has all the correct uniform to go back to school with. A few weeks ago Morrisons sent us some of their fantastic uniform range for us to review.

Before receiving some new uniform from Morrisons, I was very pleased to see that Morrisons offer an amazing 200 day guarantee on their uniform. This is in fact nearly 6 times longer than competition retailers. The 200 day guarantee covers rips, spills and even outgrown pieces. As a parent, this was great and very reassuring to hear.

Maxwell was sent 2 white polo tops along with 2 red polo tops Priced at just £2 for 2 these were one of my favourite pieces from the Morrisons uniform range. School tops can often get dirty, stained and can even get lost however Morrisons have made sure they have thought about all these things. The polos are priced at just £1 a piece which is a fantastic price. The polos are machine washable and are also suitable to be placed in the tumble dryer. The polos are made from a good quality, thick material and they also include a name label in. We were sent the polo tops in size 5-6 and I felt that the polos were a great fit on Maxwell. Overall I feel that the polos are a great buy at a affordable price.

Maxwell was sent a pair of plimsolls in black. Priced at just £2.50 I think that they are the perfect item to add into any P.E kit. Maxwell's feet grow quickly. I love the fact that although these plimsolls are priced fairly cheap, they are good quality, comfy and very child friendly. The plimsolls offer a non marking promise which means that the school hall will not be marked, the shoes are slip resistant which is very important to me, due to Maxwell often falling over and hurting himself. The shoes are also machine washable which means in the event of them getting dirty or unhygienic, they can be washed instead of being replaced.

Maxwell was sent a pair of black school trousers. The school trousers are priced at just £3 which I think is a fantastic price for something which is a key item of clothing. Morrison promise that their trousers are hardwearing, stain proof and they include shield and clean fabric protector. The trousers are machine washable and again can be tumble dried which is perfect come December when our washing is unable to dry on our washing line. One of my favourite features is that the trousers also have an adjustable waist. Maxwell has a skinny waist which means that without the adjustable waist, Maxwell's trousers slip down and fall off him. Overall these trousers are a fantastic buy.

Finally Maxwell was sent 5 pairs of black socks. I felt that the socks were a great fit on Maxwell's feet and they were not made from thin material which meant they would not be worn quickly and end up getting holes in them quickly. I was very pleased to see that the socks were priced at just £2 meaning that they can be easily replaced. It is great to see a shop offer socks that are plain in colour.

Morrisons school uniform range washes up incredibly well. I love that all the items can go in the same wash with a colour catcher and I love that all the items can be spun in a 40Âșc wash. I am happy to hear that nearly all of Morrisons uniform can be tumble dried, this will help in the winter when our washing is unable to go on the washing line. Overall I think Morrisons uniform is a great buy and something which I will carry on buying throughout the year.

*We received the above products mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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