5 Toys Which Are Fantastic For Imaginative Play

Maxwell loves to play. Over the past year we have seen Maxwell trying to increase his imaginative play ideas and we have really seen his ideas develop well. Over the past year we have used lots of fun toys to help Maxwell develop these key skills and with school just around the corner, we now believe he has the correct skills to use confidently at school when it comes to imaginative play.

Le Toy Van Oven and Hob Set (Blue)
Last Christmas we purchased Maxwell a little kitchen. Maxwell has loved playing with his kitchen and was very happy when he found out that his new school classroom also has a kitchen that he can play in. Over the last year, Maxwell has managed to create lots of stories in his kitchen and has loved inviting people to eat in his kitchen when they have come round to visit. Maxwell has been bought plenty of wooden food to use in his kitchen and we have found this has helped increase the use of his imagination when using his kitchen. Toy kitchens are great for children to create stories in. Maxwell has learnt to bake, stir, cut, fry and explore ideas in his kitchen.

Butterbee Cottage Dolls House
Maxwell has really been into making up stories recently and asked for a play house which he was able to have fun with and explore. We were only happy to buy him one. Since having our own dolls house, Maxwell has managed to create little stories including Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk as well as stories about our family. Maxwell loves to create his own stories also and it is wonderful to hear and see the stories which he has managed to create.

Le Toy Van Cash Register
Most recently, Maxwell asked us to purchase him a cash register. When he asked for us to purchase him one, we went out to buy him one straight away. Since having his cash register, Maxwell has invented many shop scenarios which we feel has helped with his speech. He has has no trouble playing shops with all our family and often teams his cash register with his kitchen. He has also managed to learn the value of money, learnt to do simple sums, has become confident when going shopping in real life and has started to ask to write shopping lists. 

Sweetbee Dolls Furniture Set
We recently purchased Maxwell some furniture for his dolls house. Maxwell has loved using the furniture inside and outside the dolls house. It has been useful to use it not only with the wooden dolls which he has with his dolls house but other figures which he has also. Having this furniture set has allowed Maxwell to explore textures, fun and has allowed him to create stories and situations with families and fairytale characters.

Le Toy Van Tea Set
For several years, Maxwell has had his own tea set. When family are over, Maxwell has enjoyed serving them tea and cake and has also had many tea parties with his cuddly animals who he loves to play with. Having a little tea set has allowed Maxwell to come up with events which he will do in the future. Having a tea set has allowed Maxwell to pour, count, create and play.

*This is a collaborative post.

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