2016 Summer Bucket List - September Update

At the start of the summer I set up a bucket list of things I wanted Maxwell and I to do through the holidays. Our holidays were non stop. I stopped blogging and spent all my time with Maxwell before he started school. As you are able to see, we did not manage to complete everything on our bucket list however we did manage to complete quite a lot of things which I think is fantastic. Next year I will pop the things we did not manage to complete down on our 2017 list.

Before Maxwell went back to school, we went on holiday to Wales. We spent a lot of time going and and exploring and we went to plenty of attractions. One of the attractions that we went to allowed us to go in a boat. It was great fun and I think it is something that Maxwell will always laugh at us doing. I rowed the boat, whilst Daddy swung on ropes to push us and Maxwell sat at the back, steering the boat with a oar in the water. We were all in fits of laughter doing it and the only thing I wish we had done was take lots of pictures.

Whilst on holiday, we went to the beach. We spent a day at the beach and we loved it. We built sandcastles and we played in the sea. We also flew our kite which Maxwell and I loved doing. It was such fun to try and get it in the air and then try and perform tricks with it. Now we are back home, we are looking forward to windy days where we can take our kite into the forest and fly it.

At the end of the holidays, I took Maxwell to see Finding Dory at the cinema. This was the second time Maxwell had been to the cinema and we were both quite excited about seeing the film. Maxwell spent a lot of time watching the film, talking about it and eating snacks. We found that Finding Dory was fantastic to watch and we can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

In between days of seeing friends, going to local attractions such as the farm and forest we also managed to go for a picnic and a day out on our bikes/scooters. Maxwell loves the outdoors and he adores going out on his bike and riding his scooter. It was great to take a short trip to the forest and spend some time together with a picnic. We loved exploring and had lots of fun.

Although we did not complete our bucket list, we did plenty of extra activities which we did not have planned which Maxwell loved. We went to a festival, went blackberry picking, we went swimming and best of all we made lots of fantastic memories. 

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