The sun has been shining a lot recently and we have been enjoying the hot weather. Recently we were sent a Panasonic Slow Juicer MJL-500 to review. Having never had a proper juicer in our home before, I was super excited to receive the juicer to review. Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of testing out the juicer. I have managed to so far try out lots of fantastic sorbet recipes and juice recipes.

Upon opening the box I was presented with a range of items. The box included a food pusher, lid, squeezing screw, filter, juicing bowl, pulp container, frozen attachment, red motor housing, rotating brush, juice container, cleaning brush and instructions. Although I felt that the juicer would be hard to set up, it was surprisingly easy. I felt that the juicer only took me a few minutes to set up and I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Once set up, I found that the juicer took very little space up on my kitchen counter. I felt that the juicer has a sleek design which suited my kitchen. I loved the fact that the juicer came in red, I felt this gave my kitchen a little colour however it also suited the rest of my kitchen appliances at the same time. I felt that the juicer could either permanently sit on my kitchen counter or could easily be put away in its box when not in use.

For first time people using this juicer, I would recommend cutting the fruit that you are wanting to add into the juicer, small. The tube that you add the fruit to is fairly small meaning that bigger pieces may get stuck or struggle to fit into the hole.

Once in use I found that the juicer was very quiet. I did not expect it to be so quiet. The juicer also surprised me as it made very little mess when it was juicing my fruit. Before use I imagined there to be at least splashes of juice on my kitchen side however this was not the case.

I felt that the juicer worked hard for me and I felt that a lot of juice was extracted from the fruit that I had added. The pulp sits in the pulp container once I had juiced it and I found that the pulp came out almost dry. I was surprised to see how much juice was available to me after using the juicer thanks to the jug which has liquid measures on it.

Once I had used the juicer I found that it was extremely easy to clean up. I often hate the cleaning up task after using a kitchen appliance however this was no harder than any other appliance I own.

Maxwell and I are enjoying fruit juices at the moment. We find that they are particularly tasty in this hot weather. Although Max can sometimes be picky about the textures of some drinks, so far we have not had a problem with any of the juices which have come out of our juicer. The juices have come out of the juicer very smooth and tasty.

Overall I am very pleased with the juicer and I would recommend it to my friends and family. Although the juicer has quite a high price tag, I feel that the juicer is worth the cost. The juices which I have managed to create are on par with some of the juices I have bought from juice bars and bottles from my local supermarket. It is available to buy from Amazon.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of  our ComeRound Party.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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