Arrow Shaped Wall Light - Valuelights Review

Arrow Shaped Wall Light

A few months ago, we were kindly sent a arrow shaped wall light from Valuelights. Having ordered off Valuelights previously, I knew the service which we would receive when getting the light would be second to none. The customer service is fantastic over at Valuelights and I feel that everything from the delivery service down to the packaging of the product is perfect.

The light arrived with no problems. When the light arrived I found that it was very well packed to ensure that the light did not get damaged in transit. Upon opening the light I found that the light was a good size, it was had a very straight cut and a unique design. I felt that the light would look perfect in my bedroom and decided to set the light up straight away.

Arrow Shaped Wall Light

The light did not take a lot of setting up. The light needed batteries 3 X AA batteries added to it to enable it to work. I really liked the fact that the light used batteries due to the fact I hate plugging devices in. I find that the long cables can look messy and I find that having a plug device also stops you moving the light round the house meaning that you are not able to use the light in different positions.

When I turned the light on, I was thrilled to see that all 10 LED lights worked and they gave off a warm glow. The light gave off the "Broadway" type of feel and I felt the light was very eye catching.

You are able to mount the light on the wall however the light also works by freestanding. I decided to use the light freestanding and I have found that the light sits well and does not fall over by itself. This is thanks to its cleaver design and its sleek cut.

Arrow Shaped Wall Light

I feel this light would be perfect for weddings, restaurants, in bars and also makes the perfect addition to you home. The light is suitable to have around children as long as you ensure they do not touch the bulbs when the light is on.

Overall I am thrilled with this light. Priced at just £19.99 I think this light is extremely good value.  If you are looking to buy your own arrow shaped wall light, you can purchase it here from Valuelights.

*We received the above products mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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