This month has been a busy month. As a family, we have already managed to complete 2 things off our bucket list. I feel so far, we have created many easy expectations to do this holiday and I can not wait to complete lots of our bucket list and perhaps add extra things on to it.

This month saw us go to Legoland. Thanks to Sun tickets, I managed to go with my sister, her husband and Max for just £3. We had a fantastic day out and we managed to create many memories. Although busy, we managed to ride on over 8 things and although the sun did not stay with us all day, we remained fairly dry and happy throughout the day.

Maxwell loved going to driving school and commented on how he felt like a big boy after he managed to get his driving licence. Maxwell also loved going on the trains at Legoland and adored watching some of the fun themed shows.  We had a fantastic lunch at Legoland, a meal that Maxwell will remember for a long time.

As a special extra, we are super excited to be returning to Legoland in October thanks again to the Sun. We have luckily been able to get a family member to buy us another set of Legoland tickets and although we will have to pay for one ticket, it really is a great, cheap, fun day out when you manage to go via the Sun ticket deal. Ben was unable to go with us to Legoland this time around due to work commitments so we are excited for him to come in October.

This week saw us visit our local soft play area. When we arrived, I asked did they have any summer deals and I was told that we could buy a pass for the next 6 weeks which would give us unlimited play for the whole summer. Priced at just £10, I felt that the pass would pay for itself after 2 and a half visits and it was a no brainer to purchase the pass.

I felt the pass would be great for wet days which we may encounter and it would also be perfect if Max was having a particular boring day and wanted to drop into soft play for 30 minutes. I was super happy to find out that the pass can be used in a lot of venues around the UK. This will come in handy if we go away this holiday and are looking for something to entertain Maxwell with.

The next month is going to be extremely busy and we are hoping to knock a lot of things off our bucket list! Watch out for next months update.

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