i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair - Review

i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair

With Fathers Day just around the corner, I have been looking at unique gifts which I can purchase for Ben. This year I had the great idea of getting Ben a gaming beanbag. I felt this would be a brilliant gift for him due to his love of the PS4.

After browsing online at gaming beanbags I decided that the i-ex bean bag gaming chair would be the perfect addition to our home and would make the perfect gift for Ben on Fathers Day. The bean bag was affordable for us and I also really liked the design of the bean bag as well as the colour. The bean bag came in black which meant that it would fit in with our colour scheme in our lounge.

i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair

The bean bag arrived quickly, it arrived in 2 large boxes. At first I felt that I may have trouble putting the bean bag together however this was not the case. The bean bag was incredibly easy to put together. It did require 2 people to put it together however all I simply needed to do was unzip the bean bag, tip the bean bag filling into the bean bag and close the bean bag. This process took me a matter of minutes. I personally would not recommend only 1 person setting up the bean bag and filling it as it can be a little fiddly.

Once the bean bag was filled, I allowed Ben as well as Maxwell to try out the bean bag. Ben commented on the comfort of the seat. Unlike other bean bags the cover of this gaming chair has a panel of foam fixed into the back and seat to create added structure and comfort, giving the feeling of a racing car seat.

i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Ben also said he loved the look of the bean bag. Made in high quality faux leather with the i-eX® logo proudly stitched into the fabric and finished with stylish silver piping, the outer shell of this bean bag chair is durable and sporty. The i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair is engineered with a reclined high back and bucket seat to create the ultimate gaming positioning. The bean bag sits tall in our living room and although it is large, it sits nicely in the corner of our living room and can be moved round our living room with ease. It is not heavy to move around and I feel this bean bag can be easily transported from room to room.

Something which I love about this bean bag is that it is British designed. I feel that it is hard to find British made products these days. I personally love supporting British companies and I felt this was a good product to support.

i-eX® Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Maxwell has loved sitting on this bean bag meaning it is also perfect for children. When Maxwell is sat on the bean bag, he is comfy and well supported. Maxwell loves the bean bag and although he is not a gamer, it is something that is perfect for Ben and Maxwell to use.

Overall I rate this bean bag 5/5. The price, the quality and the design of the bean bag is perfect and as a whole the bean bag will be used by all of our family. Priced at just £99.99 and recently on offer I feel this is a better design over the rocker gaming chairs that many people buy into. This bean bag has the gaming process but also the daily living purpose which for me makes it great value for money.

If you would like to purchase your own bean bag, you can purchase it here from Bean Bag Bazaar.

*We received the above product mentioned for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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