6 Kids JCB Gift Ideas

Following on from the kids JCB Twitter Party which we hosted last week, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to put together a little idea list for parents out there that have a JCB loving child. With a little help from Max, we have added our 6 favourite JCB gift ideas. 
At the moment, Maxwell is in love with JCB clothing. He has T-shirts, jumpers and even welly boots added to his JCB clothing collection. Asda offer a wide range of JCB branded clothing and this t-shirt is a complete steal priced from £6! Asda offer good quality clothing at a good price.

Maxwell was sent a few items from the JCB first collection. Since Maxwell received toy items from the first JCB collection, he has not put the toys down. The toys from the 1st collection are chunky, great for younger and older children and are perfect to use outside and inside. Our JCB first toy has even been to the beach. 

Maxwell is a massive fan of books and often loves reading books in the day time and before bed. The latest book added to his reading collection was this JCB digger fun book. There is lots to see and do in this book and it is perfect for any JCB book loving fan.

Added to the kids JCB collection are these fun collectable JCB vehicles. These smaller collectables are perfect for bigger hands. Maxwell adores racing these collectables round the living room. These collectables are perfect for putting in small bags to take away and out and about. I feel these collectable vehicles are priced well.

Every child loves a character which lights up and talks! When looking for a fun character to add to your child's toy collection why not purchase Dan the Dozer. With 5 fun sayings, flashing lights and a moving scoop, he is sure to grab your child's attention.

Maxwell adores attending partys and eating and drinking out of themed sets. His latest favourite set is the JCB set. With many items added to the JCB themed set there is a range of items that will suit any JCB lover. Not only are these sets perfect for party's, they can be used at home.


  1. Firstly, this instantly made me think of the JCB song when I was younger and now I can't get it out of my head haha! But these are great gift ideas and great for any kid that is into JCB's xx

  2. Pam Francis Gregory23 May 2016 at 20:42

    Love Dan the Dozer!

  3. These looks great, my boys love diggers.

  4. Sounds a lovely collection of JCB great for boys and girls


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