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We are half way through Spring week. I hope you are enjoying the bits and pieces that I have managed to put together. My favourite activity so far has been the Worms In The Dirt Recipe however Maxwell is enjoying all the printables that have been listed.

 Today sees a new printable here on Mummy To The Max. Today's printable is teaching children to follow directions. This printable is simple however great fun. This printable is perfect for children who love colouring.

To download my Follow Directions activity all you need to do is:

1. Sign up to Dropbox which is a PDF sharing site. Dropbox will not try to sell you anything or send you spam emails. It is simply a sharing site.

2. Click this download to show the Follow Direction Printable Activity.

3. In the top right corner hit download which will download the picture to your computer.

4. Print off my download and share my download with your family and friends.

Copyright © Mummy to the Max
You are permitted to use this file for personal use only. You may download the file to your own computer and print it as many times as you need for your own family. Please DO NOT edit or share the file. DO NOT store these on any website, forum, or other online venue. DO NOT present this file as your own creation. DO NOT resell or distribute to other people. If you would like to share this file with others, please share the blog post link not the direct download link. 
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