10 Items You Can Freeze To Save Money

In the past I have openly admitted that I love going to supermarkets before they close. The beauty of shopping at the supermarket before it closes means that I can purchase reduced sticker items. I love purchasing items that are reduced and stocking up on them.

If meat is on sale, I will purchase it. If dairy items are on sale, I will purchase them. If bakery items are on sale, I will purchase them. Anything that my family like, eat and enjoy, I will purchase. Not only do I buy reduced goods, I also buy goods that are on special.

Here are 10 items that I freeze often that save me money:

Milk: I often find milk heavily reduced late in the evening. I often manage to get 1 pint of milk for around 10-20p. I find it handy to have milk in the freezer as it is a item we often need in our home and run out of easily. When you defrost your milk, always ensure you shake it well before use.

Eggs: Did you know you can freeze eggs? I don’t do this one regularly as we do not use a lot of eggs but all you simply need to do is crack your eggs into a bag and add a pinch of salt to help the yolks maintain their shape. Always mark the bags with a date and always take care in removing the shells.

Berries: Berries can often be cheap so I love it when I find them reduced. I have managed to buy huge punnet of fruit at bargain prices recently. I often tend to freeze berries in individual bags so I can make fresh smoothies in the morning with ease.

Juice: I often buy juice when it is reduced. I find that it makes nice smoothies however it is fantastic to use in the crook pot with things such as chicken. Juice is rarely reduced but when it is, it makes a lovely treat.

Diced Vegetables: Vegetables are often reduced to 5p in my local supermarket. When they are priced so cheaply, I pick them up and dice them. I then put the vegetables into individual freeze bags meaning that my vegetables are ready when I next want a quick, easy meal.

Meat: Meat is my favourite item to buy reduced. I love stocking up on joints and pieces of meat that often break our budget. From legs of lamb to thick slices of steak, we have been lucky to purchase a whole load of reduced meat. Meat is perfect for lunch and dinner so it is one of the key items that I look to stock up on.

Bread: In my local supermarket, you can often pick up bread for around 10p which is a fantastic regular saving. I often freeze bread in separate sandwich bags as this allows me to use as little as I need, when I need it.

Grated Cheese: Cheese freezes well once grated. I often manage to find reduced cheese on the counters at my local supermarkets. I often manage to get cheese on special offer or manage to get cheap blocks with coupons. Being able to freeze cheese is fantastic due to us using a lot of it.

Soups: My local supermarket often reduces fresh soups. Normally fresh soup can cost a lot however when reduced, it can make a tasty treat. Soup can be also used in other recipes so when it is reduced, I jump at the chance to stock up on it and freeze it.

Sandwiches: Sandwiches can be frozen which make easy, quick lunches through the week but be careful what you add into them. The last thing you want is soggy sandwiches. You do not want to add condiments into them - leave these out. Other items that do not freeze well include: tomato, lettuce, cucumber, celery, apples and raw onion.

What items do you stock up on to freeze? Do you hit the reduced aisle?


  1. Meat, bread and vegetables are the main things I but reduced and then freezer

  2. My local supermarket sometimes as large joins of pork or beef half price as a special. I buy these and then cut them into smaller portions, put them in them in bags and freeze them.

  3. I freeze anything that I think I can get away with. Ideally I'd love one of those huge chest freezers in the garage but the other half isn't so keen. I often buy bread when it's reduced and freeze it for another day. Thank you for sharing your list on #ThriftyThursday

  4. Great blog - I had no idea you could freeze eggs! Eggcelent tip :)

  5. I tend to freeze a lot of meat as I just don't use it quick enough, and I pretty much always freeze bread because living on my own means that I can never use a whole loaf or a packet of rolls x

  6. I need to try and freeze more - I keep forgetting to put things like the bread in there urgh! x

  7. I am hopeless at freezing food, I always mean to do it, but never do x

  8. Brilliant post - I never knew you could freeze most of these! I do freeze meat and sometimes bread. I will try your other suggestions too. Kaz x

  9. I never knew you could freeze eggs. Thanks for the lovely ideas


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