River Island Boys Clothing Haul

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get my hands on some fantastic clothing for Maxwell. By far my favourite bundle of clothing which I managed to purchase Maxwell was a large bundle from River Island. I was incredibly happy with the items that I managed to select. Instead of purchasing anything in the 50% sale, I waited until the 70% sale. Although I had the last pick of things, I still managed to get a lovely arrange of goodies for Maxwell.

If you ever decide to try and do a River Island shop in the sale, make sure you check their sale pages daily. Doing this allowed me to make two large orders and it allowed me to see their updated stock which constantly changed. To save money on any postage fees, I got both deliveries sent to a local River Island store.

I managed to pick up the following items in the picture:

Mini boys grey skull t-shirt leggings outfit - £10
Mini boys grey plaited jumper - £5
Mini boys blue joggers - £5
Mini boys grey joggers - £6
Mini boys blue acid wash t-shirt - £4
Mini boys aqua blue slogan print t-shirt - £3
Mini boys beige marl joggers - £5
Mini boys blue faded hoodie jumper - £5

As you can see I spent less than £5 on a item which is a great bargain. I adore River Island boy's clothes for Maxwell however I refuse to pay a lot for the items, especially when things such as the joggers I purchased Maxwell will end up at preschool wear. 

Overall my favourite item which I purchased for Maxwell was the grey skull outfit. I loved the little leggings which came with the outfit and I thought Maxwell would look great in it to attend a Birthday party. 

What is your favourite item from my haul picture? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I've never shopped in river island for blake will definitely check them out for the 70% off sale.

  2. Thats some great bargains, lovely stuff hard to imagine it was that cheep, well done!

  3. Lovely clothes - will need to have a look for my son!


  4. That is a cool looking acid wash tshirt. Bargain!

  5. I like the Mini boys grey skull t-shirt leggings outfit. Will have to remember to look in their sale for some bargains for my son


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