My 2016 goals....

Christmas seems just like it was just a few short weeks ago but in actual fact it was over 8 weeks ago. These weeks seem to be flying by. Lately I have not seemed to have blogged as much however I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and hope to be blogging much more now I have returned from my Christmas/New Year break. Today I wanted to write a post where I share my 2016 goals with you. Here are 5 goals that I am hoping to reach this year.

1 - If any of you follow me on social media, you will have seen that I am wanting to share a Playmobil picture with my readers every day in 2016. I started sharing a Playmobil picture a day at the start of February and I have to admit, I am really enjoying it.  Some of you may ask why I wanted to capture Playmobil pictures and the truth is, I love Playmobil and so does Maxwell. Taking pictures of Playmobil will allow us to capture memories about what we have seen and done this year and it will be fantastic to see that in the eyes of Playmobil figures which we love to play with on a daily basis.

2 - This year my aim is to share more money saving ideas with you. I have so many money ideas in my head, but I never seem to get the time to share the ideas with you. I am looking forward to sitting down and writing lots of money saving content which will go on to help my readers save for Christmas 2016, wedding, a holiday or a treat for the whole family. Keep a idea out on all our money saving ideas for 2016.

3- Over the past few weeks I have been using Amazon a lot. I have spent a lot of time creating reviews on there so people can not only enjoy the reviews I write on here, but can also pop over there to see what I think of products that may not warrant a full blog post over here on my blog. I really enjoy reviewing items on Amazon and with over 35 reviews written up on my Amazon profile, I really am hoping to finish the year with 200 reviews written up.

4 - Over on Facebook I have 2 groups where I share bargains. One group has over 12k members and the other group, which is Playmobil based has just 120 members. I would love to increase the member numbers this year on these 2 groups and I would love to post more bargain finds in the 22 groups  I have founded this year.

5 - This year I would love to create some more monthly features for my readers to read. I think these type of posts will include hauls, 5 for under £5 which I have been doing since 2014 as well as other ideas which I am going to start writing over the next month.

Here are my 5 main goals for Mummy To The Max this year. Are there any monthly features which you would enjoy reading on my blog?

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