Our Perfect Family Holiday #MarkWarnerMum

I recently saw Mark Warner open there blogger ambassador programme and I thought I would get involved.  I would love a trip in the sun (even though I do get sun burnt as I am ginger) and I would love to don some skis and go down a red slope just for the thrill of things. Here is my story in Mummymory (see what I did there cbeebies fans) about why I would love to go on holiday and be a #MarkWarnerMum.

I have never been on a aeroplane... there we have it! Many will think I am odd, some may believe I am "normal", I believe I am a little "different". As a child, my parents worked a lot but this did not mean that I did not go on holiday. I was treated to many cool holidays which involved travelling around the UK and abroad to destinations like France on our family yacht and I even was lucky enough to go skiing in Italy with the school at the age of 13 but I travelled there by coach. As a child, I loved the holidays we went on but at the age of 24 I am seeking a little more for me and my family and over the next year it would be fantastic to take Max on his first holiday abroad.

I would love to pack Max's mini back pack up, a suitcase or 2 for me and Ben and get on a plane and jet to a hotter destination this summer. If I was able to choose where I was able to go, I would love to go somewhere like the Caribbean. I would love to see the 3 of us play around a family pool, go on little adventures, bathe in the sun, visit little gift shops, sail on the seven seas like I used to do as a child and eat different cuisine. 

Whilst on holiday it would be fun to try new activities such as windsurfing, mountain biking and joining in with fitness programmes. On the flip side it would also be amazing to wizz around on the ski slopes, go in the air on a ski lift and even get the chance to go to ski school. It would also be a small blessing to be pampered at a spa. Whilst on holiday it would be nice to see Maxwell mix with other children and be able to enjoy things such as the kids clubs which Mark Warner holidays have to offer. 

Our holiday would not be the same without our special guest who is lodging with us a the moment. Welcome Susan our Playmobil figure who travels everywhere with us! If you hop over to Instagram you will see what fun daily adventures Susan gets up to. After all these daily adventures I am sure Susan also needs a little sun, wine and sea in her life.

We are a family who seek a little bit of difference in our lives and it would be lovely to become a #MarkWarnerMum and equally at the same time I am sure Maxwell would love to become a #MarkWarnerChild, Ben a #MarkWarnerDad and Susan would love to become a #MarkWarnerToyFigure.

This is our application to become a blogging ambassadors for Mark Warner. I won't sugar coat it and say we are the perfect family for the role however we seek adventure, fun and happiness and 2016 looks like the perfect year Mark Warner can offer us these 3 things.  I loved writing about our perfect holiday and would love to be added into the creative writer category. You can read more about the Mark Warner ambassador competition here.


  1. Sounds like you have had some great holidays even though you havent been on a plane!


  2. Love this post. Proof that you can have wonderful holidays and make great memories without having to get on a plane!

  3. Oh good luck. This sounds like wonderful holiday memories and yes you can have them wherever you go as a family. We love to travel but due to illness have stayed in UK for the past few years! Angela from Daysinbed

  4. oh wow you have had some great adventures and some amazing pictures and memories x

  5. Good luck with your entry!!! It just goes to show that you don't need to go on an aeroplane to have a great holiday but it's great to experience flying so I really hope you get the opportunity.

    Laura x

  6. I don't think it's odd at all, I think it's very refreshing :) I feel that air travel is too accessible and overused these days. As you have proven there are lots of fab holidays to be had without ever needing to get on a plane! Not that I am completely anti-air travel


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