10 Items You Should Buy On Amazon To Save Money

I have been a keen lover of Amazon for many years. Over the course of a month I end up buying a lot from Amazon and the main reason why I tend to buy so much is because the prices are much more cheaper than other retailers. Since I have had an Amazon account I have bought products from every section on Amazon. From toys to furniture, cleaning products to electric products, I always find a bargain.

I love Amazon because I am able to get my favourite products, at cheap prices, in the comfort of my own home. I do not have to go out and worry about comparing product prices. I can look at a wide range of products in the comfort of my own home and get the best deal. With prices changing on Amazon daily, it does not take long to find decent bargains.
Here are my top 10 items you should be buying on Amazon:

1. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are one of my favourite products to buy on Amazon. I always manage to find a fantastic deal on wipes such as Huggie. My most recent purchase of wet wipes meant I was able to get 12 packs of Hugggie wet wipes in a large box. The packs worked out at around 45p each. When I find these sort of deals, I ensure I stock up on several boxes. With a RRP of £1 per pack of Huggies baby wipes I managed to save a great amount. Buying baby wipes on Amazon also means I do not have to push and carry heavy boxes of wet wipes home from the supermarket. There is sometimes a coupon to get even more money off a very cheap deal.

2. Toys

I buy a awful lot of toys on Amazon. Not only do I buy Maxwell toy gifts on Amazon but I also purchase his friends gifts on there for their Birthday parties. I always seem to find a bargains when it comes to toys on Amazon and I never normally buy anything if it is more than half RRP when it comes to toys. I am not just a lover of the UK Amazon when it comes to toys, I have also started to enjoy the German Amazon as things such as Playmobil which we buy a lot of is very cheap.

3. Printer Ink

I buy 99% of my printer ink on Amazon. I often find great deals on it. I used to buy a lot of ink in the supermarket as it was convenient to buy however I often manage to buy multi packs on Amazon at a cheap price. I often look at Amazon warehouse to see if there is a cheaper deal on ink when I go to buy it. Often I manage to find a even cheaper deal and manage to save a few pounds on the already cheap price Amazon have to offer me.

4. Toiletries

I love buying toiletries in bulk of Amazon. I often manage to find packs of 6 or 4 which are discounted more than a single bottle in a shop. If i love the product, this is great as it means that I have a lot of it stocked up. I often find glitches when it comes to buying toiletries on Amazon and before have managed to get 6 cans of deodorant for around £3.

5. Cleaning items

I often buy cleaning items on Amazon. I love buying cleaning items on Amazon as when I buy the items in bulk, I often get them at a reduced price. 8/10 there is also a coupon which Amazon are offering which enables me to get an even cheaper deal. Buying cleaning items on Amazon is great as I find a lot of cleaning items are heavy which can be a pain when you are bringing them home from the supermarket.

6. Food gifts

At Christmas I tend to buy a lot of food gifts from Amazon. Not only is it convenient to buy food gifts online and have them delivered next day, it is also great to be able to buy named brands such as Thorntons without having to go to one of their shops. I always seem to find great deals on Thorntons chocolate on Amazon such as half the RRP. I find that many of the food gifts that I buy off Amazon have a great date code.

7. Fancy dress costumes

I tend to buy a lot of fancy dress costumes off Amazon at different times of the year. After an event like Halloween, costumes are reduced cheaply. Maxwell's fancy dress box is jam packed and all the costumes cost me just a few pounds each. I often tend to buy the costumes in the next sized up to ensure that they last. I have also found that accessories are also extremely cheap on Amazon.

8. DVD'S

I love buying DVD's on Amazon. I often search to see if I can buy a few DVD's for under £5 to keep us entertained on a wet weather days. Amazon often do some great deals which enables you to get 3-4 DVD's for around £20. I often find this deal is great as some of the DVD's can be priced at £7+. I last used this deal at Christmas on gifts for my family. Overall I saved myself about £10 on DVD's.

9. Clothing

I can often be spotted buying the odd clothing item off Amazon. Recently I manage to get Maxwell a lot of Hatley clothing. Hatley clothing is very expensive however Amazon have around 60-70% off the RRP. Amazon clothing is often cheap due to the fact it is out of season wear, it is last season's designs or the clothing is seconds. I have never had any trouble with the clothing I have bought off Amazon. There can often be a discount code found for clothing on Amazon which is listed on deal pages such as clothing clearance for children.

10. Kitchen Items

I always love looking at little gadgets on Amazon for my kitchen. Amazon often offer fantastic deals on items from the kitchen and you can save yourself quite a bit of money if you find the right deal. I find Amazon prices are much cheaper than big gadget stores and most supermarkets when it comes to kitchen items. I often find some great kitchen products on Amazon which come from China that are very cheap. Although these items take a while to come, when they come they are fantastic quality.


  1. I really need to look on Amazon more often but I don't find the search results that easy to filter.

  2. I do love Amazon, but you know it would never occur to me to buy baby wipes from there, I am off for a look now to see if I can get a better deal!

  3. I am lucky to have time on my hands so buy local but this is a great way to grab a bargain from the comfort of your home.

  4. I am a Amazon Prime member and Amazon is always my first choice for nappies and wipes. Love the neXT day delivery service. I tend to buy kitchen towels, toilet paper...

  5. I love amazon, but because the prices are so good, I start a basket, and then have to shut down the laptop, as I could easily get carried away. It's so great.

  6. Great list! I would add pet food to it as Amazon always seems to be a little cheaper (when including shipping) than most other companies selling online.

  7. I have bought nappies on amazon before, i always forget to check there for other household items

  8. I love Amazon. Have just bought my partners e-cig for his birthday, normally £69 for £47.

  9. Didn't think about buying printer cartridges on there hopefully I can save money

  10. I love Amazon, and agree it can save us money... BUT I think it is also a good idea to shop around online now as there are so many now offering such great prices.


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