Workwear Wishlist 2016

I always like to think that the start of the year is the start of a fresh start. With every fresh year, I always see people saying how they would like to focus on getting a new job and how they are starting a new job. Today I am bringing you my 2016 workwear wishlist. These are my top picks that I would love to wear to a job interview or to my office job.

I have created this wishlist focusing on black and gold colours. I love the black and gold theme as it is simple but very smart. I adore this outfit I have picked. On a cold day, I would jazz this outfit up by wearing a bright coloured blazer or cardigan. The following items are on my wishlist: 

Jaeger Pleated Drape Dress
I love the style of this dress. It is plain yet simple but on the other hand is very smart. I adore the little sleeves on this dress. As someone who dislike's their arms, I love to cover them and this dress allows me to do this. I think this dress is easy to dress up or down.

Carvela Darla Tote Handbag
This bag matches the shoes that I have picked. I am in love with this bag. It is a good size and has enough compartments to hold everything I would need to take to work. I love the little shoulder strap this bag comes with. 

Carvela Lin Flat Slip On Pointed Toe Shoes
These shoes are very eye catching. These shoes would not only be perfect for work but they would also be fantastic to wear on a day to day basis when you are out with your friends, out for lunch or when you are shopping. I love the little bow on the front of these shoes.

Guess Bauble Charm Bracelet
I love charm bracelets. I believe these types of bracelets can hold lots of memories on and really dress up an outfit. I love this bracelet due to the unique colour that it is. I also love the fact that this bracelet comes with beautiful matching earnings.


  1. YES YES YES!!
    I love that dress - great choice hun!
    Even the bag is on point too.
    Love the style hun
    Charlotte x

  2. I have a very similar guess bracelet in silver with coloured baubles which is beautiful. I love this dress though, drape dresses are lovely x

  3. Really love this dress, I am looking for similar stuff for when I go back to work in March, although I would rather stay at home in my pj's and blog :(

    Ems x

  4. I love the tulip tailoring at the front of the dress it is gorgeous and the bag is cute too!

  5. Love the Carvela bag! I'm looking for a classic black handbag for all occasions so I'll have a look at this!

  6. Lovely post. I am so inspired by this. Can see myself wearing all of these.

  7. Yes for that Carvela Darla Tote Handbag. It will surely suit you.

  8. Love this wishlist! I love that bag and dress so much!

  9. The glass bauble charm bracelet is so beautiful, I'd love to be the proud owner of that :)

  10. Adore the bag. Luckily working for myself, I'm able to dress a little more casual for work but when I worked in an office I would certainly have picked a dress like this

  11. Classic timeless picks, added few to my shopping list

  12. The dress is gorgeous and is very forgiving with the pleates.


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