Tengi - The App That Gives Back

Tengi - The App That Gives Back!

Tengi is an instant messaging service with a twist, the app is a little like WhatsApp however chatting on the app gets you tickets for a weekly free prize draw. In the prize draw there are many prizes up for grabs including £1,000 in cash and hundreds of smaller cash prizes. Your prize is normally sent to you a few days after you have claimed them. You are able to claim you prize either in a Amazon voucher format or by bank transfer.

Tengi is all about friends. The more friends you have on Tengi, the better. The more you talk to your friends on the app, the more you use the app, the more tickets you get. A few months ago I was the lucky winner of £1,000
and since then, I have also had a few smaller cash prizes adding up to around £25. Thanks to my large cash win, I was able to take the whole of December off and enjoy the Christmas period with my family. Every year Tengi is making 52 people 1k winners, why not download the app and see if you can be the next winner?

-Things that I love about Tengi -
Free instant messaging on the go
I am able to set group chats up - this has come in handy when speaking to other bloggers
I am able to send photos for free, if I send them by text I am charged
You are able to download sent photos to your phone with ease
I am able to send audio messages to people
I am able to send people emotions
Tengi Is available to everyone who has a mobile and a sim card

- What you need to know -
The more friends you have on Tengi the better
You get tickets for the weekly draw when your friends join or win prizes in the weekly draw
The more you chat, the more tickets you get
You get tickets daily if you open the app and a ticket a week if you keep the app installed
Weekly draws are drawn quickly and are drawn on a Friday around 7pm
Prizes are normally with you within 5 days of you winning.

- Warning -
You can only talk to people on the app if you have there number installed on the app
Group chats can often cause my phone to go off late at night - turn the notifications off
The app can get addictive

I have been using this app for around 4 months and have walked away with £1025. To me, that is a fantastic amount in such a short space of time. The app has not only made me rich, it has also allowed me to keep in touch with my friends and group chats up which I find hard to do on other apps. 

Have you tried Tengi? Have you won on it? 


  1. I've never heard of this app before. Iuse WhatsApp but I will definitely look into this. Well done on your wins.

  2. I am enjoying using Tengi but need to make a point of adding all my contacts on there/inviting them to join. Congrats on the win!

  3. This app is new to me, how amazing that you can win prizes on there too - congratulations on your win. I'm heading over to check this out :) x

  4. Do you know if they sell your data on? they must make money somehwere! I wonder if adding your contacts numbers gives them permission to sell the number on?

    1. They make their money by AD's that are placed on the app. I am pretty sure they do not sell your number on but you can read there terms here: http://www.tengi.com/terms/


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