Penwizard Ben & Holly Christmas Book - Review

This Christmas Maxwell was very excited to receive a simple but magical book. The book that Maxwell received was from Penwizard. For anyone that is not aware of Penwizard, Penwizard are a talented company that offer a wide range of different children books which can be personalised not only with your child's name inside but with their looks too. The books also allows personalised messages to be written inside them. One of my favourite things about Penwizard is that they offer a range of books that include many children's favourite characters in.

This Christmas Maxwell was sent  a "Maxwell's Christmas at the North Pole" book. The book is already a firm favourite in our house and has been looked at every day since we received it. The book is based on two of Maxwell's favourite TV characters, Ben and Holly. However the book also includes a character which is based on Maxwell.

The book tells a story of Maxwell, Ben and Holly going on an adventure to the North Pole around Christmas time. The book see's the 3 friends hold a close friendship and bond. It shows children or the reader of the book a happy story about Christmas. The book is special to Maxwell due to the amazing illustrations that it holds and the personalised touch that wishes Maxwell a happy Christmas from Ben and  Holly.

As a parent, I love the story that is inside this book. Using Maxwell as a character inside the book holds Maxwell's attention and gives Maxwell a chance to ask me about different things that are inside the book when we are reading it together.

For anyone that knows me, knows I love personalised things. One of my favourite items that we have been gifted this Christmas is this book. Although it is a simple idea and an inexpensive gift, it has created many smiles in our household and Maxwell has adored reading his special book which includes his 2 favourite TV characters, Ben and Holly.

If you would like to purchase your own Penwizard book this Christmas why not head over here and see what Penwizard have to offer. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may have seen our previous review of Penwizards potty training book here.

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