Kozi Kidz Koster Uggla Rain Jacket Review

Recently Maxwell was sent a beautiful gift from Kozi Kidz. If you have not heard about Kozi Kidz before, it is a range of Swedish-designed fashionable and functional outdoor clothing which is designed for kids aged from 6 months to 10 years. Their range prepares children for all weathers and is designed for children who love playing outdoors.

Maxwell was sent a Koster Uggla Rain Jacket. The jacket came in the colour red and features owls sat on branches. As soon as Maxwell saw the jacket, he instantly fell in love with it and since he has reviewed the jacket it has been hard to get it off him. The jacket has been worn for the last few weeks and over this period of time it has been fantastic to see how great the design is of the Koster Uggla Rain Jacket.

The Kozi Kidz Koster Uggla Rain Jacket is 100% waterproof which is a brilliant feature to have. Recently we have purchased Maxwell a few winter coats however none of them have been fully waterproof which has ended up leaving Maxwell cold, wet and soggy on his walk home and whilst playing outside at preschool. Due to us getting this rain jacket slightly bigger, Maxwell can now wear this rain jacket solo or he can wear it over a thick winter coat.

The Koster Uggla Rain Jacket is the perfect item to take to preschool or to school. The jacket includes a hood which is great in the cold, wet weather. It also is easy to roll up to fit in the bottom of a school bag and also includes a fantastic name label inside which makes the coat easy to identify.

The Koster Uggla Rain Jacket is machine washable which is great when accidents occur. I always end up washing coats as Maxwell often ends up getting mud over them. It is great to know that I am able to wash Maxwell's Koster Uggla Rain Jacket with ease.

The Koster Uggla Rain Jacket is easy for children to put on them themselves. The jacket features an easy to pull zip, some small but easy to press poppers and a zip garage at the chin which means the zip will not rub Maxwell's skin and make it sore.

The Koster Uggla Rain Owl Jacket comes in other colours which I think is great as it allows your child to pick what they favour. The jacket is priced at £39.50 which I think is a good price for the quality of product you are getting. You could spend much less on a budget jacket, however after previous experiences of buying a budget jacket, I am in the mid that a budget jacket would have far less features and would not be designed as well.

To buy your own Koster Uggla Rain Owl Jacket you are able to buy them from the Kozi Kidz website. Whilst over at their website why not take a peak at what else they have to offer your children this winter. One of my personal favourite items is there lovely gilets.

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