Gruffalo Kids Backpack Review

Maxwell is a massive fan of the Gruffalo. Maxwell has read the Gruffalo books with me since he was small. He loves hearing the adventures that Gruffalo goes on and enjoys Gruffalos big scary eyes and teeth. A few weeks ago, Maxwell got a nice surprise in the post. Maxwell was sent a Gruffalo Kids Backpack from the lovely company LittleLife.

The Gruffalo Kids Backpack is very fluffy. On the exterior you are greeted with great big, orange eyes. scary terrible jaws and some big horns. The bag is just like the Gruffalo character you see in books. LittleLife have taken great care to make the bag as real as possible and they have done a fantastic job.

The bag is accessible via a zipped top-entry main compartment. The bag is easy to open and Maxwell is able to open the bag easily by himself. Inside the bag there is a cute name tag which is fantastic for when Maxwell goes to preschool and his bag needs to be identified. Children can often pick different bags up and it is great to have a name tag in the bag for added peace of mind.

The backpack itself is light to hold. It holds a capacity of 6 litres. Although the bag is not massive, it is big enough to take to preschool. For preschool the bag holds Maxwell's rain coat, a spare pair of clothes and his drinks bottle. This bag would be perfect for preschool, to take round family and friends houses when visiting and on day trips.

The bag is a good fit for Maxwell and Maxwell manages to carry the bag on his back with ease. Something which I like about this bag is the fact that the bag has adjustable shoulder straps with chest straps. This ensures that the bag can grow with Maxwell and the chest straps give that little extra support and security. The bag also offers padded back and shoulder sections which ensures Maxwell is comfy when wearing his Gruffalo backpack.

This bag is something which I may not allow Maxwell to take out in the rain due to the fluffy exterior however it is a fab little bag that I love seeing Maxwell wear. I feel the bag is unique, fun and something children who are fans of the Gruffalo will adore. With a RRP of £24.99, I think this bag is a fantastic buy.

If you have younger children why not check the Gruffalo kids toddler backpack, Gruffalo safety harness and the Gruffalo ID safety strap. All items can be found over on the LittleLife website which you are able to find here.

*We received the above product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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