Huggies Little Swimmers Review

Huggies have always been a well know brand to my family. They are a brand that I have trusted for a long time and when Maxwell was a baby I was upset to find that they had discontinued their range of nappies that we had purchased for a long period of time. I have never stopped buying Huggies products however and still buy their baby wipes on a regular basis. When Maxwell decided to embark on his swimming lesson adventure, I knew that Huggies would be a great choice when it came to swimming pants.

Since starting swimming lesson's Maxwell is now fully toilet trained however we did use Huggies swim pants several times and found many positives with them.

Design - We found that the swimming nappies had a fun design on them. The pants were not only bright and fun on any adults eye but they were also appealing to children. The swim nappies included a bright and engaging design which was featured from a Disney film, a film that Maxwell was well aware of and knew and loved. The design of them was based around a underwater theme and the pants had clear images of a turtle, bubbles and also included a clear image of the Huggies logo on.

Fit - We opted for the size 5-6 fit and found that these were the perfect size for Maxwell. They were stretchy in the right places and allowed Maxwell to move freely in them, They were not skin tight and allowed Maxwell's skin to breathe. Although the pants were not skin tight, the did not allow any accidents to get out. The pants included a tear away sticky side which made it easy for Maxwell to remove the pants himself if he needed to get out the pool to go to the toilet. The tear away side in my opinion would be more relevant and a great addition to younger childrens needs using the pants as the pants could be put on like a nappy instead of being pulled up and down like a pair of pants.

Absorbency - We have found that the pants absorb well however they do not match a day time nappy/pull up pant when it comes to absorbency levels. I feel that they easily suit the needs of children who are in the water for up to 2 hours. The pants do not swell when Maxwell is in or out of the water due to the special material that the pants are made of. 

Extra information -  HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® come in 3 sizes: Size 2 – 3 (3-7 kg / 7-15 lbs), Size 3 – 4 (7-15 kg / 15-34 lbs), Size 5 – 6 (12-18 kg / 26-40 lbs). The pants are suitable for boys and girls and are great for new born babies but also older children. The pants have a RRP of around £5 which makes them affordable for all. The pants can often be found on offer at our local supermarket.

*We received the above product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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