How To Make A Profit With Bingo Online #Cash4Christmas

Money Online #Cash4Christmas

If you have read my blog a lot, you would understand that I hate wasting money and I am a bargain queen. Many of you would think that I would hate putting money on activities like Bingo however this is something I enjoy doing regularly online. I ensure that when I do it, I will always get my money back and a little extra. Although my Bingo playing idea is not a fast money making idea, it is something which generally makes me profit every month and is something which could help you make some money ahead of Christmas.

To make a profit on bingo you are going to need to sign up to Topcashback. For those that are unaware of TopCashBack, it is a site that gives you money when you spend money online. Once you have signed up and before you start earning your money you will need to clear your cookies, browsing history and download the TopCashBack bar which reminds you of any potential cashback when you are shopping online. Doing this will ensure you gain your bingo profits with ease.


First you will need to sign into you Topcashback account and head to this link and find out what merchants are offering you the best cashback on a £10 deposit on any bingo site. I often find that Sun Bingo, Ladbrokes and Betfair offer great cashback on a £10 spend. I often find that per £10 you deposit, you will receive £25 back once you have used the full £10 you deposited on bingo games.

Recently I took part in the Sun Bingo offer and managed to walk away with £25.25 profit? How? I simply deposited £10 on their site and played Bingo. I used the full £10 I deposited on bingo cards and managed to cash out £10 of winnings after playing Bingo for around 30 mins. Due to me cashing out the £10 which I put upfront, I walked away with £25.25. This offer took me just 30 mins and although it meant having to wait for my returns, I was in profit. I would have still been £15.25 profit even if I had not won a single penny.

My top 5 tips to take advantage of this offer:
  • Always ensure you read the terms. Terms can often state that you that you are unable to use any promotional codes you may find online when trying to earn Topcashback. Terms often state how many people per household can take advantage of the offer. If you do not follow terms, merchants do not have to pay out your cashback.
  • Always take note of what the Topcashback amount says when you take advantage of the offer. I always ensure I take a screen shot of the amount I am meant to be getting back.  This allows me to put a support ticket into Topcashback if the amount of cashback is presented wrong when it tracks.
  • Be prepared to wait a little. Transactions for this retailer often appear on you Topcashback account within 24 hours. Transactions are usually confirmed within a month and should become payable within 30 - 60 days after the event date, this said Sun Bingo paid out my Topcashback within 2 weeks and paid my winnings within 4 days.
  • Always aim high. I often only do a cashback deal if I am making £10 or more profit. Each deal can take me anything from 30 mins to 1 hour and I believe a minimum of £10 profit is enough money to compensate me for my time.
  • Remember most deals can only be done once. I often aim to complete one bingo merchants cashback deal a month. Although it may feel like there are only 5 - 10 Topcashback deals you can take advantage of, new merchants are being added to Topcashback all the time which ensures there is normally a new bingo site to take advantage of monthly.
Please note Mummy To The Max does not promote or encourage any gambling unless the money you are putting forward is risk free. The deals I speak about on Topcashback should always enable you to cash out the money you deposited plus give you a little return on the time you spent taking advantage of the offer. I will not be held liable for any money that my readers may loose by completing any Topcashback deals. 

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  1. This is an interesting method of making money!

  2. It's one of those things that I always think of doing but never have the time !

    1. I try and make some time when Maxwell is in bed.


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