5 Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

This year is the first year I think Maxwell truly understands Christmas. Although he has still not grasped the meaning of Christmas truly and what it really stands for, he is well aware of Christmas songs, presents, family, trees, decorations and Santa. This year I wanted to make our Christmas a little different. I wanted to try 5 new family traditions that we can continue to do every Christmas.

  • This year I have started to create a box of Christmas memories. Inside the box I aim to put the following: Maxwell's Christmas list, a picture of him at Christmas, a picture of him with Santa, any letters which I may write to him at Christmas time and a Christmas day diary so when Maxwell is older we can look back at our Christmas's and have fond memories of them. I have a box of memories from 2000 and the box is fantastic. It has so many memories which I held 15 years ago which are beautiful to look back at now. It is amazing to see how the world has changed since then.
  • This year, I wanted to allow Maxwell to pick a decoration for  our Christmas tree and continue this for the next 12-16 years. To me Christmas is all about family and I adore looking at a Christmas tree that is full of love and happiness rather than the latest fashion trend. Allowing Maxwell to pick a decoration for our tree gives our tree a special meaning. I can not wait to see what he picks this year. It will be interesting to see what decorations he picks year to year.
  • Although I say Christmas is about family, I also think Christmas is for giving to others. This year I wanted to ensure others had a fantastic Christmas which meant I decided that Maxwell and I would do 5 nice things for other people. This year our "giving" will see us give thing's to others such as our friends over at Post Pals, see us donate a few pounds to charities which we would like to help and see us giving our old things that we do not need to people less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Me and Maxwell adore gingerbread and as a new tradition, I would love to ensure we decorate a gingerbread man or gingerbread house every Christmas eve. Christmas eve is always a special day for Maxwell and  I as it normally means Ben is working so we often spend the day doing lots of activities together. I know this is something which Maxwell will love to do and is something that we can continue to do in the future. You are never to old to decoate gingerbread! 
  • I am obsessed with the 12 days of Christmas. Starting this year, I would love to write 12 activities down that me and Maxwell along with Ben and our families can enjoy for 12 days. I think some fun ideas would include, going to see the Christmas lights, making reindeer food, watching a Christmas film, going to the pantomime and most importantly doing something extra special on the 12th day as that day is Maxwell's Birthday!


  1. Wow. Those are really great, not to mention, heartwarming Christmas tradition ideas. Hope you have a blessed Christmas! :)

  2. You have some lovely traditions. the main tradition in our home is to have Christmas Eve boxes and we always open or stockings on Christmas Eve

  3. Some brilliant ideas, might have to start a new tradition in our household - we currently let Jack pick a decoration each year x

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Wonder what decoration Jack will choose this year?

  4. Very lovely Christmas traditions and I am sure Max will enjoy Christmas every year and remember every single celebration when he is older.

  5. I love these ideas, last year we started a tradition of the christmas eve box. For the past 23 years, i have let the kids open one present on christmas eve and its always pyjamas to wear that night and all of christmas day if they want xx

  6. I'm going to start letting my son choose a tree decoration this year too :)


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